Zara Larsson

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Zara Larsson (Estocolmo, Suecia, 6 de diciembre de 1997) es una cantante sueca. Participó en el concurso de talentos de la TV4 "Talang 2008", la versión sueca de un programa de talentos de Gran Bretaña, que finalmente ganó. Zara Maria Larsson (born December 16, 1997 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish singer living with her mother, father and younger sister Hanna (born 2000). As a child Zara took part in a theatrical version of Sound of Music at the Göta Lejon Theatre in Stockholm, playing the part of Marta. Later Zara was a finalist of the Swedish talent show Stjärnskott 2007 but she received her national fame for winning the TV4 talent show Talang 2008, the Swedish version of Got Talent.

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