Yves V

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Yves V is one of the best growing DJ talents from the Benelux. He already played at events like Sensation, David Guetta in Concert, Mysteryland and so on .. Last summer the beats brought by Yves V were a standard at every big outdoor event. One to remember was definitely his memorable set at the mainstage of Tomorrowland! Nowadays Yves V is travelling around the globe. His remix of Insane Pressure was his breakthrough of already a list of his own productions ('Madagascar' Ft Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Angger Dimas

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Yves V, Arkadia, Arkadia - Original Mix, Daylight, WOW - Original Mix, Daylight (With You), Out Of Gravity, That Big - Original Mix, Magic, The Right Time (feat. Mike James), Umami - Original Mix, Chained - Original Mix, On Top Of The World, That Big - Edit, Chrono - Radio Edit, Find Your Soul, Enter My World - Original Mix, King Cobra, Magic - Original, Joker, Fever, Manga - Original Mix, Blow, Stardust - Original Mix Edit, Crackle - Original Mix, Amok - Original Mix, The Right Time (feat. Mike James) - Radio Edit, Insane Pressure, Sonica (Running On A Highway) - Radio Edit, Indigo, Karma - Radio Edit, The Right Time - Radio Edit, Karma - Original Mix, Octagon, Memories Will Fade (feat. Mitch Thompson) - Radio Edit, Intro Tomorrowland, Mandala - Original Mix, Cloudbreaker, Condor, Mandala, Sonica (Running On A Highway) - Club Mix, Umami, The Right Time - (Radio Edit), Sonica (Running On A Highway) - Extended Mix, Stardust - Original Mix, Chasing Fairytales (Tomorrowworld Outro), Oldschool Sound - Original Mix, Wait Till Tomorrow - Radio Edit, Umami (Original Mix), Amok - Original Mix Edit, Manga (Original Mix), Enter My World (Original Mix), Arkadia (Original Mix), Manga (Tomorrowland Intro Edit), Insane Pressure - Radio Edit, Eclipse (Fred Baker Mix), What - Original Mix, Enter My World, Unbroken, Stardust (Original Mix), Indigo - Extended Mix, Sonica, The Right Time, Memories Will Fade - Radio Edit, Manga, Insane Pressure (Extended Mix), Oldschool Sound, Eclipse - Fred Baker Mix, Crash - Original Mix, Out Of Gravity - Extended Mix, Oldschool Sound (Original Mix), Sonica (Running On A Highway Ft Paul Aiden)(Extended Mix), Chrono - Original Mix, Wait Till Tomorrow - Original, The Skillz - Extended, Insane Pressure - Elektrokid & Dave Lambert Rmx, That Big, Wait Till Tomorrow, Sonica - Club Mix, Mandala (Original Mix), Start Again - Original Mix, Octagon (Original Mix), Shaykid, WOW, The Right Time - Original Edit, Wait Till Tomorrow - Sem Thomasson Remix, Stardust, Wait Till Tomorrow (feat. Mitch Crown) - Radio Edit, Insane Pressure (Radio Edit), CloudBreaker - Basto Remix, Karma, Condor - Extended Mix, Sonica (Club Mix), The Right Time - Original, Memories Will Fade (feat. Mitch Thompson), Umami (Radio Edit), Tomorrowland 2014 Mix (Continuous Mix), Umani - Original Mix, Oldschool Sound (feat. Chuckie)