Yellow Claw

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Yellow Claw is the party of the 21th century. The Claws mix up every genre which is within a sense of playing, from the electronic stuff like House and Electro, to Dubstep and all the way back to the Classics with HipHop and R&B. Add some of Bizzey’s most catchy lines and hooks and there you have it, one of the most innovating and entertaining club nights known to mankind. Besides our clubtour through the Netherlands we also did some of the biggest Dutch festivals like DirtyDutch Festival

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Yellow Claw, In My Room (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Tyga), DJ Turn It Up, Shotgun, Till It Hurts, Invitation (feat. Yade Lauren), Kaolo, Shotgun (feat. Rochelle), Wild Mustang (feat. Becky G), Till It Hurts Ft. Ayden, Techno (feat. Waka Flocka Flame), Catch Me (feat. Naaz), Thunder, Run Away, Shotgun - Original Mix, 4 In The Morning, Blood Diamond (feat. Serebro), Love & War, W.O.L.F., Nooit Meer Slapen, Last Night Ever, Good Day (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant), Love And War, Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man), 21 Bad Bitches, Never Dies (feat. Lil Eddie), We Made It (feat. Lil Eddie), Krokobil, Kaolo Pt. 3, Good Day, Nightmare (Feat. Pusha T & Barrington Levy), Invitation, For The Thrill (feat. Becky G), Dancefloor Champion, Sin City, Allermooiste Feestje, Roller, Shotgun ft. Rochelle, Love & War (feat. Yade Lauren), Higher (feat. Lil Eddie), Feel It (feat. Naaz), Drowning In Champagne (feat. Maty Noyes), Till It Hurts (feat. Ayden), Bun It Up (feat. Beenie Man), Shotgun - Quintino Remix, Kaolo pt.2, Legends (feat. Kalibwoy) - Original Mix, In My Room (feat. Ty Dolla $ign Tyga), Lifetime (feat. Kyler England), Shotgun - Radio Edit, IBETCHU - Original Mix, Techno - feat. Wacka Flocka Flame, Lick Dat - Radio Edit, Inma Head (feat. Marlishh) - Original Mix, Ride Or Die (feat. Kalibwoy), Shotgun - LNY TNZ Remix, Old Days, Nooit meer slapen - Neophyte ft. Alee Remix, No Class, Slow Down, Light Years (feat. Rochelle), Stacks, Kaolo Pt.2 - Angger Dimas Remix, Preacher (feat. Roëndy Rosanjo) - Original Mix, Kaolo, Pt. 2, Till It Hurts - Boehm Radio Edit, P*$$YRICH (feat. Adje), IBETCHU, Allermooiste Feestje ft. Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex, Catch Me (feat. Naaz) - Candlelight Remix, Assets, Shotgun (Flaxo Remix), Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) - Ape Drums Remix, Lick Dat - Original Mix, Light Years, Till It Hurts ft. Ayden (OUT NOW!), Techno (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) - Coone Remix, KROKOBIL ft. SJAAK & MR. POLSKA, DKNY, Invitation - Original Mix, Shotgun (Original Mix), Till It Hurts Ft. Ayden - LNY TNZ Remix, DJ Turn It Up (TIGHTTRAXX & ETC!ETC! Remix), Last Night Ever (feat. LNY TNZ), Legends, Never Dies (feat. Lil Eddie) - Wiwek Remix, Love & War - Aazar Remix, Yellow Claw Mixtape #4, Roller (feat. Eyelar), Kaolo Pt. 2, P*$$YRICH feat. Adje, Yellow Claw Mixtape #3, Till It Hurts Ft. Ayden - Mr. Belt & Wezol Remix, Blood Diamond (ft. Serebro), Invitation - Dante Klein Remix, Yellow Claw Mixtape #6, Shotgun (DMNDZ Remix), DJ TURN IT UP (CAKED UP "OSCAR WYLDE KAWAIIAN TWERK* REMIX), Love And War (feat. Yade Lauren)