Wolf People

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Wolf People are an English psychedelic rock band based in London, Bedford and North Yorkshire. They formed in 2006 around the release of a very limited CD EP on Sea Records as part of the Lifeboat Series. The EP was Stuart Maconie’s record of the week on his BBC6 show. They then released three 7” singles on Battered Ornaments Records, they quickly sold out and are now becoming quite sought after. The band have been embraced by the psych community receiving great praise in Shindig magazine and Terrascope.

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Wolf People, Tiny Circle, Silbury Sands, Painted Cross, Morning Born, One By One From Dorney Reach, Cromlech, October Fires, Castle Keep, Banks of Sweet Dundee, Part 1, Cotton Strands, Banks of Sweet Dundee, Part 2, Empty Vessels, All Returns, Black Water, When the Fire is Dead in the Grate, Season Pt.1, Storm Cloud, Interlude: Plains/Banjoe, April, Athol, Hesperus, Interlude: Circle/Viking/Colours, Untitled, Interlude: Grandfather, Empty Heart, Ninth Night, Answer, Interlude: Scraps, Interlude: Mercy Fragment, Thief, Season Part 2, NRR, Interlude: Cotton Fragment, Night Witch, Village Strollin', Rhine Sagas, Kingfisher, Time, Not Me Sir, Belong, Thistles, Crumbling Dais, Glass, Salts Mill, Kingfisher Reprise, Kingfisher Reprise II, Season Part 1, Dry, Part 1, Part 2, Mercy II, All Returns Part II, Become The Ground, Time (Pink Floyd cover), Silbury Sands - Radio Edit, Mercy Fragment, Season Pt.2, Caratacus, Mercy, Caratacas, Time (Pink Floyd cover) (OST Отбросы), Kitchen, Tidings, Time (3 сезон 6 серия), Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt. 1&2., Wolf People - October Fires, Banks Of Sweet Dundee Pt.2, Banks Of Sweet Dundee Part 1, Banks Of Sweet Dundee Part 2, Village Strollin, Time + Breathe Reprise, Fain, Interlude: Circle / Viking / Colours, Fain" album mini-mix, When the Fire Is Dead in the Gate, One by One from Dorney, Empty Vessel, Village Strollin' - Wolf People, 02. All Returns, Answer", WOLF PEOPLE-STEEPLE-SILBURY SANDS, All Returns, Pt. 2, Time - (Pink Floyd cover), Fain - All Returns, Interlude: Plains / Banjoe, Time Breathe Reprise, You Stole The Colour, Reach, caratacas, live, Time (Misfits OST / Мисфитс саундтрек 3 сезон 6 серия), PSYCHCAST 08 - AOUT 2010, 01. Empty Vessels, October Fires - Wolf People, Wolf People - Tiny Circle, Wolf People - Tiny Circles, Tiny Circles - 6 Music Session 15/03/2010, Time (Pink Floyd Cover) (s3ep6: vk.com/misfits.page), Six Ton Armor: Psychcast #8 Août 2010