What So Not

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Hailing from the sandstone bedrock that is Sydney, this duo (one half skyrocketing electronic act FLUME, one half flaming dj rockett EMOH INSTEAD) is the fresh face Australia's beloved 'Sweat it Out' & voice of the ADD generation. Released in Mid November 2011, their debut 4 track EP '7 Dollar Bill' caused quite a stir; Switch, Bag Raiders, Sinden, Boys Noize & countless others, all on board for this new sound. 2012 has seen an onslaught of epic remix's from the pair. Most notably their mix of Major Lazer's 'Get Free'.

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What So Not, High You Are - Branchez Remix, Jaguar, High You Are (Branchez Remix), Gemini (feat. George Maple), Lone (feat. JOY.), Adieu, Gemini, High You Are, Severance - Interlude, Love Theme, Divide & Conquer, Gemini (Ekali Remix) - Ekali Remix, JAGUAR (Original Mix), Touched, Montreal (feat. Kimbra), Touched (Original), Trust, Buried (feat. Rome Fortune), Oddity, Arrows (feat. Dawn Golden), 7 Dollar Bill, The Quack - Club Dub, Gemini feat. George Maple, Imperial ft Astrix Little, Death Drive (feat. KLP), Gemini Ft. George Maple, Get Busy Y'All, Every Time You See Me (The Quack) - Vocal Mix, High You Are - Motez Remix, Arrows, Gemini feat. George Maple (Ekali Remix), High You Are - SCNTST Remix, Intro (feat. Tunji Ige), High You Are - The Only Remix, Touched (Slumberjack Edit), High You Are (The Only Remix), Every Time You See Me (The Quack), Like This Like That, What So Not - Touched, High You Are - Club Dub, Divide & Conquer - Noisia Remix, High You Are (Motez Remix), The Quack (Club Dub), Gemini Ft. George Maple (Ekali Remix), High You Are - Astronomar Remix, Touched (Original) [FREE DOWNLOAD], Lone (feat. JOY.) - Slow Hours Remix, High You Are - Vocal Mix, High You Are (Vocal Mix), High You Are (Club Dub), 'The Quack' (WSN Club Dub), The Quack (WSN Club Dub), Like This Like That - Vocal Mix, Love Theme (Original Mix), Death Drive, Trust - Plastic Plates Remix, Severance (Interlude), High You Are (SCNTST Remix), Every Time You See Me (The Quack) ft. Action Bronson, D Mac & Blood Diamonds, Lone (feat. JOY.) - Ribongia Remix, Death Drive ft. KLP, Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix), Imperial (Feat. Astrix Little), Flying to Europe Mix, Lone (feat. JOY.) - SLUMBERJACK Remix, Intro (feat. Tunji), Gemini (Ekali Remix), High You Are (Astronomar Remix), Love Theme (TEASER) [OUT NOW on Sweat it Out!!!], Love Theme (Original), What So Not - Gemini Ft. George Maple, 'High You Are' (WSN Club Dub), Like This Like That feat. Deize Tigrona, Jaguar (Official Music Video), 7 Dollar Bill (Original Mix), Touched (Slumberjack Remix), Gemini (Ft. George Maple), Trust - KUURO Remix, Tell Me, High You Are (Branchez Remix) (CYT BOOTLEG), The Quack, Touched (Original Mix), Intro, Breathe (Original Mix), What So Not - Touched (Original), PlayPacks (feat. American Honey), Trust - MYRNE Remix, Like This Like That (ft. Deize Tigrona), Everytime You See Me (The Quack) feat. Action Bronson, Blood Diamonds & D Mac, Trust - Go Freek Remix, Get Busy Y'All (Original Mix), Gemini Intro ft. Tunji Ige, High Your Are (Branchez Remix), BOOMBAH Mix, ID, What So Not - Flying To Europe Mix, High As You Are (Branchez Remix), Get Busy Y'All (Original)