We Are Scientists

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We Are Scientists, conocidos también como W.A.S., es una banda de indie rock formada en Claremont, California en 2000 por Keith Murray (guitarra y cantante), Chris Cain (bajo). Anteriormente formaba la banda también Michael Tapper (batería y coros), pero éste dejó la banda el 2007. Keith Murray, Chris Cain y Michael Tapper se conocieron en los Claremont Colleges, unos centros de educación secundaria y universitaria de Claremont, California. We Are Scientists is an American indie rock band featuring Keith Murray (guitar and lead vocals), Chris Cain (bass guitar and backing vocals), Max Hart (keys and guitar) and Andy Burrows (drums). Co-founder Michael Tapper (drums and backing vocals) left the band in 2007 and is currently a member of the bands Bishop Allen and Fool's Gold. They formed in 2000 in Claremont, California, United States. Their name was inspired by an awkward conversation with a U-Haul employee who was inspecting a van that the band had rented.

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