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George Watsky (born September 15, 1986) is a writer and performer who believes in the equal power of the tear and the belly laugh. Born and raised in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, he aims to cross-pollinate the stage, screen and stereo with work that speaks to both the humor and frustrations of modern life. George was featured on Season 6 of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry on HBO. He was the 2006 Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion

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Watsky, Whoa Whoa Whoa, Sloppy Seconds, Strong As an Oak, Moral of the Story, Ugly Faces, Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 2, Fireworks, Cardboard Castles, Hey, Asshole - feat. Kate Nash, Seizure Boy, All I Need Is One, Fuck an Emcee Name, Skit #1, Dedicated to Christina Li, Who's Been Loving You?, Headphones, An Open Letter (feat. Shockwave) - Interlude, Send in the Sun, Skit #2, Amplified (feat. Rafael Casal), IDGAF, Kill a Hipster - feat. Chinaka Hodge, The Girl Next Door (To Everybody Else), Never Let It Die, Ninjas in Paris, Bet Against Me, All You Can Do, G.O.A.T. (W.G.M.F.M.C.), Let's Get High And Watch Planet Earth, The One, Two Blue Moons, Ink Don't Bleed, Tiny Glowing Screens Part 1, Hercules, Talking to Myself, Run My Mouth (feat. Danny McClain), Color Lines (feat. Catch Wreck), Waking Hour (feat. Mariami), I Got This Love (feat. Passion), My First Stalker, Fight! Fight! Fight! (feat. Dahlak Brathwaite), Rich Girl, Stupidass, The Legend of Hardhead Ned - feat. Dylan Saunders, Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 1, Stand For Something, Everything Turns Gold (feat. Gift of Gab and Mieka Pauley), Grass Is Greener, Right Now, Hey, Asshole (feat. Kate Nash), Difference is the Differences, Wounded Healer (Deer Tick sample), Boomerang, Kill a Hipster (feat. Chinaka Hodge), A Hundred Words You Could Say Instead of Swag, Don't Be Nice, Stick to Your Guns, Gummy Bear Hundrednaire, Tears To Diamonds, Sarajevo, 4AM Monday, Chemical Angel, Hand Over Hand, Tiny Glowing Screens, Pt. 3, Ten Fingers, Energy, All I Ever Wanted, They're Not Ready, Nothing Like The First Time, Other Cities, Kidnap Your Boyfriend, Cannonball, Pink Lemonade, Springtime in New York, Show Goes On mini-mix, Bucketlist, Women, Women, Women, Pumped Up Kicks Remix, Write Your Name, $$, There and Back Again, Yes Britannia, $, Danger w/Damon Elliott, $$$, Midnight Heart, Little Slice, Ask Me Anything, D.A.N.C.E. Remix, Love Letters, A New Kind of Sexy ft. Intuition & Dumbfoundead, The Legend of Hardhead Ned (feat. Dylan Saunders), Pauly Shore Saw My Penis, Amazing Grace (feat. Pat Dimitri), Going Down, Brave New World, Pale kid raps fast, *