Walk the Moon

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Walk the Moon es una banda de indie rock con sede en Cincinnati, Ohio. El cantante Nicholas Petricca creo la banda en 2008 y pasó por varios cambios de integrantes antes de finalmente reunirse con los miembros actuales, Kevin Ray, Waugaman Sean, y Eli Maiman en 2010. Editaron dos discos :"I Want! I Want!" (2010) y "Walk the Moon" (2012) They are several artists named "Walk the Moon"; 1) "Walk the Moon" is an indie rock band that formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008. The band consists of Nicholas Petricca (vocals, keyboards), Kevin Ray (bass, vocals), Eli Maiman (guitar, vocals) and Sean Waugaman (drums, vocals). The band has released three albums, "I Want! I Want!" (2010), "Walk the Moon" (2012), and "Talking is Hard" (2014). The band's single, "Anna Sun", peaked at #10 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in 2012.

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