Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra, apareció en el mundo musical a finales de 2010 cuando en una cuenta de BandCamp apareció el sencillo ''Ffunny Ffrends'' Su música es como una mezcla de la psicodelia años 60 y el minimalismo del krautrock, con un toque de rareza suave que viene de su origen Neo Zelandes. Ruben Nielson es Originario de Nueva Zelanda, sin embargo, ahora esta ubicado en Portland, Oregon, en los Estados Unidos. Unknown Mortal Orchestra first dropped into the world in late 2010 as a bandcamp account carrying a single called ‘Ffunny Ffrends’. ‘Ffunny Ffrends’ was everything you imagined it might be – alien beatnik pop music that echoed 60s psychedelia and krautrock minimalism with just a hint of gentle weirdness that suggested its roots might equally lie in the verdant indie of the equally distant New Zealand scene. Ruban Nielson is a New Zealand native who had transplanted to Portland, Oregon, USA with his band The Mint Chicks.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra, So Good at Being in Trouble, Multi-Love, Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark), From the Sun, FFunny FFriends, Thought Ballune, One At A Time, Bicycle, The Opposite of Afternoon, Jello and Juggernauts, No Need For a Leader, Can’t Keep Checking My Phone, Necessary Evil, Monki, Faded in the Morning, Nerve Damage!, How Can You Luv Me, Secret Xtians, Little Blu House, Dawn, Strangers Are Strange, Like Acid Rain, Boy Witch, FFunny Ffrends, The World Is Crowded, Ur Life One Night, How Can U Luv Me, Can't Keep Checking My Phone, Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty, Stage or Screen, Puzzles, Swim And Sleep [Like A Shark], First World Problem, Waves Of Confidence, Faded In the Morning - Acoustic Version, Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) - Acoustic Version, Swing Lo Magellan - Acoustic Version, So Good At Being In Trouble - Acoustic Version, Can't Keep Checking My Phone - SILICON Rework, Puttin It Down - Acoustic Version, Shakedown Street, Satanic Planet, I'll Come Back 4 U, Faded in the Morning [Acoustic version], Nerve Damage, Swing Lo Magellan, So Good at Being in Trouble [Acoustic version], Swing Lo Magellan [Acoustic Version], SB-04, How Can U Luv Me?, Swim and Sleep [Like a Shark] - Acoustic Version, Ffunny Ffrends (The Naked And Famous Remix), Puttin' It Down, Puttin It Down [Acoustic Version], So Good At Being In Trouble (Acoustic Version), Faded in The Morning (Acoustic Version), SB-03, Rebuild The Theatres, Swing Lo Magellan (Acoustic Version), Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) [Acoustic Version], Little Blu House (Little Dragon Mystery Dance Mix), I Want to Be Left to My Own Devices, Puttin It Down (Acoustic Version), Cyrus' Theme, SB-01, Puttin It Down, SB-02, Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) Little Dragon Remix, Multi-Love (20syl Remix), Can t Keep Checking My Phone, Ffuny Ffriends, "So Good At Being In Trouble" (Official Audio), How Can You Love Me, Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffriends, II (Full Album), Multi Love, 05 How Can U Luv Me, Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) (Acoustic Version), (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay, Two Generations of Excess, 'So Good At Being In Trouble', CKCMP (SILICON Rework), 05 How Can U Luv Me (Mastered), Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark) (Little Dragon Remix), Endless Shore, Funny Friends, FFunny Friends, Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark) (Lindstrom Remix), Full Performance (Live on KEXP), Puttin' It Down (Acoustic Version), Full Performance (Live on KEXP), "Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark)" (Official Audio), Cyrus' Theme (Bonus Track), Funny Ffriends, Swim & Sleep (Like A Shark) (Acoustic Version), Rà-àkõ-st, "Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)" (Official Audio), From the Sun [II : 2013]