Tyrone Wells

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Tyrone Wells es un cantante y compositor en el género pop folk de Spokane, Washington. Sus canciones han aparecido en programas de televisión (,Grey's Anatomy, Rescue Me, One Tree Hill, North Shore, What About Brian, Numb3rs, The Mountain, excepcionales, Wildfire, Ghost Whisperer, The Bedford Diaries, Three Moons Over Milford, Meet la Barkers) y la película Hero (Everyone's, My Sister's Keeper, Rails & Ties). Tyrone nació en Seattle, y se crió en Spokane, Washington. There’s nothing quite like a fresh start. Tyrone Wells’ fourth full-length album, Where We Meet, ushers in a new beginning for the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter. Not only is it his first full-length release since leaving a major label, it signifies his next evolution. Embracing both sides of his sound, Wells seamlessly balances acoustic vulnerability and pop rock irresistibility over the course of eleven unforgettable anthems. Ultimately

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Tyrone Wells, Happy As the Sun, Sink Or Swim, Sea Breeze, More, This Is Beautiful, Wondering Where You Are, Use Somebody (Bonus Track), Need, Baby Don't You Change, No Good Without You, Running Around in My Dreams, Remain, Time of Our Lives, And The Birds Sing, All Broken Hearts, Jealous Man, In Between The Lines, Losing Ground, All I Can Do, Enough, Along the Way, When All Is Said and Done, Drifting, Ain't No Sunshine, Together, I Will Remember You, Before It Started, What Are We Fighting For?, Dream Like New York, A Beautiful Place to Be, Watchin' My World Walk By, Falling, Metal and Wood, Hold On, The Way You Shine, Freedom, She's Leaving, Until You Are Here, Looking At Her Face, Arms Around Me, This Time, All I'm Thinking Of, Let Go, Sugar So Sweet, Home To Me, Fool's Parade, Hate Song, Carolina Blues, This Moment Now, You're The One, Better Off Without You, Stronger, This Love, All You Gotta Do Is Dream, Messenger, Satellite, You and Me On Top of the World, Pull Me Through (Bonus Track), Head Over Heels, By My Side, I Can't Save You Now, Fly, California, For Who I Am, Make It Through, Already Falling, Run Away With Me, See You Again, The Most, Where We Meet, Vegas or Bust, Don't Be Afraid, Bring Her to Me, You Still Love Me, Simple Life, Give It Time, Songs That Set Me Free, Use Somebody, God Would You Help Us, Gravity, A Way Out, Say I Love You (Bonus Track), Tyrone Yodels, Overcome, The Christmas Song, Aria, Tyrone Talks, Give Me One Reason (feat. Jason Reeves), Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World, Christmas At Home, Always Love You, In Our Blood, Neon Dreams, Patience, Shade of Blue, Not Over You, Slow Me Down, See You