Tyler Joseph

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Tyler Robert Joseph, born December 1, 1988, is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Columbus, Ohio. He is the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots. Joseph's solo project released an EP entitled No Phun Intended. The EP was recorded in Joseph's senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement. The song "Save", off the release, was redone and released as a free download for a time on Twenty One Pilots' official website before it was then pulled.

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Tyler Joseph, Can't Help Falling In Love, Drown, Blasphemy, Save, Taken by Sleep, Tonight, Hole in the Ground, Whisper, Prove Me Wrong, Hear Me Now, Falling Too, Realize That It's Gone, I Want to Know, Just Like Yesterday, Never Change, Street Poetry, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, TB Saga, Where Did We Go, Trees, Dollhouse, Build Me Up Buttercup, Time to Say Goodbye, two, Goner, I'm a Goner, Always, Where we Did Go, What's Your Story, I'm yours, I Need Something To Kill Me, Save (remastered), Jar Of Hearts, Where Did we Go, Lovely, Save (Alternate Version), I'm a Goner (Un-recovered Audio), Lord of Glory, Trees [Regional at Best], LINE, Cancer (My Chemical Romance cover), Build Me Up Buttercup (cover), Dead Come Alive, Twenty-Nine, Can't Help Falling In Love (Cover), Street Poetry with Twenty One Pilots, What's Your Story?, I'm Yours (cover), The Producer, No Phun Intended (Full Album), cancer, Tear In My Heart, Always (Kristian Stanfill cover), Dollhouse (Unreleased Track), Realize That Its Gone, No Phun Intended (Full Album, 2007), Cant Help Falling in Love, Prove Me Wrong (Unreleased No Phun Intended Song, HQ), Blurry LINE, i need something, 2, Save (With Lyrics), Tear In My He, 02 Drown, Im a Goner, Forest, 1, Taken By Sleep (With Lyrics), Truce, Forest (Acapella excerpt), O Come O Come Emmanuel, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Unreleased), 04 Save, 01 Taken By Sleep, talking and rain, 3, Blasphemy (With Lyrics), Yo Quiero Taco Bell [ TB Saga Pt.2], Hole in the Ground (With Lyrics), Always [Kristian Stanfill cover], тот самый звук из Fairy Local, CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU TYLER AH, 06 Blasphemy, 03 Tonight, Forrest, motivation tbh, i woke up in a new bugatti, Build Me Up, Buttercup, Can't Help Falling In Love cover, Addict With a Pen, Oh, Ms. Believer, Tyler's Speech, Save (New Version), Tyler Joseph Scream Compilation Ver. 2, Street Poetry With Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph, Save (Alternate Vers), can't help falling in love with you, Save (alternative version)