Twenty One Pilots

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Miembros: Tyler Joseph (Tyler Robert Joseph) - Voz principal, piano, ukelele, keytar, sintetizador (2009-presente) Josh Dun (Joshua William Dun) - Batería, trompeta, coros ocasionales (2011-presente) La banda se formó en 2009 en Columbus, Ohio por amigos de la universidad Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas y Chris Salih. A Joseph se le ocurrió el nombre de la banda mientras estudiaba "Todos eran mis hijos" de Arthur Miller, una obra sobre un hombre Twenty One Pilots is a Grammy Award-winning American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 by Tyler Joseph along with former members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih, and currently consists of vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. They self-released two albums, Twenty One Pilots (2009) and Regional at Best (2011), before being signed by Fueled By Ramen in 2012. They released their signed debut, Vessel (2013) and second signed album, Blurryface (2015).

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Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out, Ride, Heathens, Tear in My Heart, Car Radio, Heavydirtysoul, Holding on to You, House of Gold, Lane Boy, Fairly Local, The Judge, Guns for Hands, Migraine, Ode To Sleep, Polarize, Doubt, Message Man, We Don't Believe What's on TV, Goner, Hometown, Semi-Automatic, The Run and Go, Screen, Fake You Out, Trees, Not Today, Truce, Fall Away, cancer, Addict with a Pen, The Pantaloon, Implicit Demand for Proof, Oh Ms Believer, Friend, Please, Johnny Boy, March to the Sea, A Car, a Torch, a Death, Taxi Cab, Trapdoor, Before You Start Your Day, Air Catcher, Isle of Flightless Birds, Kitchen Sink, Forest, Lovely, Glowing Eyes, Heathens (feat. MUTEMATH), Anathema, Slowtown, Can't Help Falling In Love, Heavydirtysoul (feat. MUTEMATH), Ride (feat. MUTEMATH), Ruby, Be Concerned, Clear, Tear In My Heart (feat. MUTEMATH), Lane Boy (feat. MUTEMATH), Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album), Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix), Ode To Sleep - Live From SXSW, House Of Gold (Bonus Track), Migraine - Live From SXSW, Ode To Sleep - Bonus Commentary, Car Radio - Live From SXSW, Holding On To You - Live From SXSW, Screen - Live From SXSW, Holding On To You - Bonus Commentary, Guns For Hands - Live From SXSW, Migraine - Bonus Commentary, House Of Gold - Bonus Commentary, Car Radio - Bonus Commentary, Can't Help Falling In Love (cover), Forest - Bonus Track, Kitchen Sink - Bonus Track, Semi-Automatic - Bonus Commentary, Screen - Bonus Commentary, Holding Onto You, Lovely - Bonus Track, Glowing Eyes - Bonus Track, The Run And Go - Bonus Commentary, Fake You Out - Bonus Commentary, Trees - Bonus Commentary, Guns For Hands - Bonus Commentary, Truce - Bonus Commentary, Heavy Dirty Soul, Guns For Hands (Dzeko & Torres Remix), Time To Say Goodbye, Heathens (Suicide Squad OST), The Pantaloon (Live from the LC Pavilion), House of Gold (Live from the LC Pavilion), Cancer (Cover), Hometime, Heathens (DISTO Remix), Heathens - Edit, Ride (Jaydon Lewis Remix), Twenty One Pilots, Heathens ( OST Отряд Самоубийц 2016), Migraine (Live from the LC Pavilion)