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Período de actividad 1995 – actualidad Miembros Andrew Dunlop Francis Healy Neil Primrose Douglas Payne Claes Bjorklund (pianista en los conciertos) Travis es una banda escocesa de rock alternativo originaria de Glasgow, compuesta por Francis Healy, Andrew Dunlop, Dougie Payne y Neil Primrose. Travis ha sido galardonado dos veces con el premio al Álbum del Año en los Brit Awards, y a menudo se les da el crédito de ser la banda que preparó el camino para otras bandas británicas como Coldplay y Keane. Travis is a Scottish indie/britpop band founded in Glasgow in 1990, composed of Fran Healy (vocals, guitar), Dougie Payne (bass, vocals), Andy Dunlop (guitar, piano) and Neil Primrose (drums). They have had a number of very successful albums to date: Good Feeling (1997), The Man Who (1999), The Invisible Band (2001), 12 Memories (2003), The Boy With No Name (2007), Ode to J. Smith (2008), Where You Stand, as well as a compilation album titled Singles (2004). Their most recent album is Everything at Once, which was released on April 29, 2016.

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Travis, Sing, Why Does It Always Rain on Me?, Side, Love Will Come Through, Flowers in the Window, Closer, Driftwood, Writing To Reach You, Re-Offender, Turn, My Eyes, Selfish Jean, Pipe Dreams, The Beautiful Occupation, Eyes Wide Open, Big Chair, Dear Diary, Follow The Light, Battleships, As You Are, The Fear, 3 Times And You Lose, The Cage, Safe, Afterglow, One Night, Last Train, Indefinitely, Luv, The Last Laugh Of The Laughter, She's So Strange, The Humpty Dumpty Love Song, Quicksand, Out In Space, Colder, Somewhere Else, All I Want To Do Is Rock, New Amsterdam, More Than Us, Happy, Slide Show, U16 Girls, How Many Hearts, Happy To Hang Around, Walking In The Sun, Tied To The 90's, Peace the Fuck Out, Under The Moonlight, J. Smith, Paperclips, Coming Around, Something Anything, Mid-Life Krysis, Chinese Blues, Walking Down the Hill, Long Way Down, Song To Self, I Love You Anyways, Good Feeling, Good Day to Die, Last Words, The Line Is Fine, Broken Mirror, Quite Free, Before You Were Young, Get Up, The Distance, Friends, Midsummer Nights Dreamin', Falling Down, Moving, Funny Thing, Sailing Away, Mother, Where You Stand, Perfect Heaven Space, Reminder, Another Guy, Warning Sign, A Different Room, New Shoes, Boxes, Know Nothing, On My Wall, The Big Screen, Baby One More Time, Life Krysis, River, Flowers In The Windows, Hit Me Baby One More Time (cover), 3 Miles High, Magnificent Time, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Under The Moonlight (Feat. KT Tunstall), Everything At Once, The Weight, What Will Come, Be My Baby