Thompson Twins

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Thompson Twins (1977-1993) fue un grupo de New Wave de gran éxito en los años ochenta con ventas estimadas en 50 millones de copias. El nombre del grupo es tomado del nombre en inglés de los gemelos investigadores que aparecen en las historias de Las Aventuras de Tintín y que en el mundo hispano se conocen como Hernández y Fernández. Inicios En 1977, el grupo tenía como integrantes a Tom Bailey (nació el 18 de Enero de 1954 en Halifax, Yorkshire), Pete Dodd , John Roog y Jon Podgorski (conocido como "Pod"). Thompson Twins were an English new wave band. The band formed in April 1977, and disbanded in May 1993. Massively popular in the mid-1980s, the band scored a string of hits in the UK, broke into the U.S. and Canada and enjoyed huge popularity around the globe. The band was named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson from Hergé's comic strip, The Adventures of Tintin. In 1977, the original Thompson Twins lineup consisted of Tom Bailey (born January 18

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Thompson Twins, Hold Me Now, Doctor! Doctor!, If You Were Here, Lay Your Hands On Me, Love On Your Side, Lies, In the Name of Love, King For A Day, You Take Me Up, Sister of Mercy, We Are Detective, Don't Mess with Doctor Dream, The Gap, Storm on the Sea, Love Lies Bleeding, Who Can Stop the Rain, Get That Love, Nothing In Common, Day After Day, Revolution, Doctor Doctor, Long Goodbye, Doctor! Doctor! (Original Mix), Follow Your Heart, Roll Over, No Peace for the Wicked, Perfect Day, Watching, Bouncing, Lucky Day, Lies (Remix), Future Days, Breakaway, Kamikaze, Judy Do, Still Waters, Sister Of Mercy (Single Version), Emperor's Clothes, In The Name Of Love (88 Remix), Tears, All Fall Out, Tokyo, You Killed The Clown, Love Is The Law, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, In the Name of Love '88, Perfect Game, Sugar Daddy, Flower Girl, Beach Culture, Come Inside, Play With Me, Hold Me Now (Extended Version), When I See You, Living In Europe, Politics, Lies - Remix, Hold Me Now (Extended Short), Runaway, In The Name Of Love - 88 Remix, Lay Your Hands On Me (U.S. Remix), Slave Trade, Good Gosh, Rap Boy Rap (Love On Your Side) - 12" Extended Version, Strange Jane, The Price, Love on Your Side (remix), The Rowe, Bombers In The Sky, Love On Your Back, Another Fantasy, Emperor's Clothes, Pt. 1, Hold Me Now (Remix), Fool's Gold, My Funky Valentine, Hold Me Now (Original Mix), Leopard Ray, Love on your side (12" Mix), Tok Tok, Don't Go Away, Passion Planet, Anything Is Good Enough, We Are Detective (More Clues), Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh), Queer, Emperor's Clothes (Part 1), Make Believe, Blind, Crazy Dog, Doctor! Doctor! (remix), Vendredi Saint, King For A Day - USAR18500164USAR18500164USAR18500164USAR18500164USAR18500164USAR18500164USAR18500164, Lies (Single Remix), Bush Baby, King For A Day (Remix), Groove On, Big Trash, The Saint