Thee Oh Sees

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Thee Oh Sees es un grupo de San Francisco, California; EEUU. El grupo empezó como una alternativa para John Dwyer para grabar sus grabaciones más experimentales. A lo largo de varios albumes y cambios de género, Thee Oh Sees se convirtió en un grupo estable con la siguiente formación: John Dwyer (voces, guitarra), Brigid Dawson (voces, teclados), Petey Dammit! (bajo, guitarra), Mike Shoun (batería), y Lars Finberg (batería, guitarra). El grupo es conocido por su prolífica discografía Oh Sees (formerly 'Thee Oh Sees') are a band from San Francisco, California, USA. The group began as an outlet for John Dwyer to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings, and over the course of several albums evolved into a full band. The band is noted for both its prolific album releases, energetic live shows, and their whimsical visual aesthetic that juxtaposes cartoon imagery and horror. The band has changed its name several times, being known as Orinoka Crash Suite, OCS, Orange County Sound, and The Ohsees.

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Thee Oh Sees, The Dream, Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster, I Come From The Mountain, Flood's New Light, Carrion Crawler, No Spell, Contraption/Soul Desert, lupine dominus, Floating Coffin, Enemy Destruct, Ruby Go Home, Minotaur, Meat Step Lively, Strawberries 1+2, Night Crawler, Wax Face, Block Of Ice, Rainbow, Ghost In The Trees, hang a picture, I Need Seed, Robber Barons, Tunnel Time, Chem-Farmer, A Flag In The Court, The Turn Around, Penetrating Eye, Maze Fancier, Tidal Wave, Can You See?, Go Meet The Seed, I Can't Get No, so nice, Crushed Grass, Opposition, Soda St. #1, Wrong Idea, cloud #1, Sweets Helicopter, Crack In Your Eye, Peanut Butter Oven, putrifiers II, Heavy Doctor, Encrypted Bounce, Stinking Cloud, Savage Victory, I Was Denied, AA Warm Breeze, Visit Colonel, Drop, Corrupted Coffin, Grease 2, Put Some Reverb On My Brother, Adult Acid, Two Drummers Disappear, Spider Cider, Corprophagist (A Bath Perhaps), Wicked Park, Graveyard Drug Party, King's Nose, Blood On The Deck, If I Stay Too Long, The Lens, goodnight baby, The Whipping Continues, Will We Be Scared?, The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, Castlemania, Maria Stacks, Grease, Pleasure Blimps, The Coconut, Transparent World, Poison Finger, Idea For Rubber Dog, Camera (Queer Sound), Dead Energy, The Horse Was Lost, A Wall, A Century 2, Quadrospazzed, You Will See This Dog Before You Die, Castiatic Tackle, What Are We Craving?, Destroyed Fortress Reappears, Koka Kola Jingle, Everything Went Black, Warm Slime, Mega-feast, Flash Bats, Web, Sugar Boat, MT Work, Destroyed Fortress Reappers, The River Rushes (To Screw MD Over), Withered Hand, Fake Song, Turned Out Light, Poor Queen