The War on Drugs

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The War On Drugs es la banda de Adam Granduciel y Kurt Vile, aunque éste último abandonaría la banda para centrarse en su carrera en solitario. Desde Philadelphia nos enseñan los dientes con riffs de guitarras a lo Velvet Underground o Sonic Youth, y las maneras vocales a lo Tom Petty o Bob Dylan. Wagonwheel Blues (2008, Secretly Canadian-Houston Party) es su disco de debut, después de autoproducirse dos EP's, Demo (2005) y Barrel of batteries (2007). The War on Drugs is an American indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Band member Adam Granduciel (born Adam Granofsky in Dover, Massachusetts) moved from Oakland, California to Philadelphia in 2003, where he met Kurt Vile and began playing music with him. They began playing as The War on Drugs in 2005, and self-released a demo EP. While Vile and Granduciel formed the backbone of the band, they had a number of accompanists early in the group's career

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The War on Drugs, Red Eyes, Under the Pressure, Suffering, An Ocean in Between the Waves, Baby Missiles, Burning, Eyes to the Wind, Disappearing, Best Night, Brothers, Lost in the Dream, The Haunting Idle, In Reverse, I Was There, Come to the City, Your Love Is Calling My Name, The Animator, It's Your Destiny, Black Water Falls, Comin' Through, City Reprise #12, Original Slave, Taking the Farm, Arms Like Boulders, Buenos Aires Beach, Come to the City #14, Coast Reprise, A Pile of Tires, The History of Plastic, Comin' Around, A Needle in Your Eye #16, There Is No Urgency, Missiles Reprise, Reverse the Charges, Show Me the Coast, Barrel of Batteries, Holding On, Thinking Of A Place, Touch of Grey, Sweet Thing Reprise, Set Yr Sights, Pushing Corn, Strangest Thing, Don't Fear the Ghost, Holding On - Edit, Taking The Farm - from the album "Wagonwheel Blues" courtesy of Secretly Canadian, Come For It, Full Performance (Live on KEXP), The War On Drugs - Taking The Farm, Holding On (Edit), The War on Drugs, The War On Drugs - Comin' Through, The War on Drugs - Come To The City, Lost in the Dream (Full Album), Snake Tongues, War on Drugs - Taking the Farm, Best Night/I Was There, Red Eyes (Live on KEXP), Comin Through, An Ocean in Between the Waves (Live on KEXP), Coming Through, The War On Drugs - Red Eyes, Lost in the Dream Full Album + Download link, Best Night / I Was There, Toxic City #26, Missiles (reprise), Thinking Of A Place (Part 1), Comin‚ Through, Comin’ Through, [banter - dad], [banter - Sore Eros], Thinking Of A Place (Part 2), A Thinking Of A Place (Part1), [band introductions], Mind Games (John Lennon), A Thinking Of A Place (Part2), Come To The City 14, An Ocean Between the Waves, 02 Red Eyes, 06 Eyes to the Wind, Baby Missles (Mile Marker), "Red Eyes" (Official Video), Coming Through (Mile Marker), 01 Under the Pressure, Comin, [banter], Brothers (Mile Marker), 07 The Haunting Idle, 06 The War On Drugs - Red Eyes, Your Love Is Calling My Name (Live on KEXP), 04 An Ocean in Between the Waves, 03 Suffering, Suffering (Live on KEXP), Best Night (Mile Marker), "Red Eyes" (Official Audio), Best Night (Live on KEXP), Eyes to the Wind (Live on KEXP), The War On Drugs - Baby Missiles