The Searchers

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The Searchers constituye uno de los principales grupos cultores del llamado Liverpool Sound. Su principal característica es la de poseer un ritmo muy fuerte ya que prácticamente presentan 2 guitarras rítmicas; pocos son los temas en los que podemos apreciar un solo. Las guitarras, especialmente en sus primeros discos, están sobriamente acompañadas por una batería igualmente impactante. Su primer álbum para el sello PYE presenta temas como "Love Potion Number Nine" Originally founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender (Mike Prendergast), the band took their name from the classic 1956 John Wayne western The Searchers. Prendergast claims that the name was his idea, but McNally ascribes it to 'Big Ron' Woodbridge, their first lead singer. The issue remains unresolved. The band grew out of an earlier skiffle group formed by McNally, with his friends Brian Dolan (guitar) and Tony West (bass).

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The Searchers, Needles and Pins, Sweets For My Sweet, Sugar and Spice, Don't Throw Your Love Away, When You Walk In the Room, Love Potion No. 9, Needles & Pins, Take It or Leave It, Love Potion Number Nine, Love Potion #9, Goodbye My Love, Someday We're Gonna Love Again, Love Potion No.9, Take Me For What I'm Worth, What Have They Done to the Rain, Twist and Shout, Sugar & Spice, Bumble Bee, Da Doo Ron Ron, This Empty Place, Some Other Guy, He's Got No Love, Farmer John, Love Potion Number 9, It's in Her Kiss, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya, Ain't That Just Like Me, Stand By Me, Money (That's What I Want), Have You Ever Loved Somebody, When I Get Home, Since You Broke My Heart, Saturday Night Out, Hungry for Love, Alright, All My Sorrows, I Count The Tears, It's All Been a Dream, I Pretend I'm With You, Sea Of Heartbreak, Sho' Know a Lot About Love, Where Have You Been, Listen to Me, Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Everybody Come Clap Your Hands, Can't Help Forgiving You, Magic Potion, Western Union, Love Potion No 9, Each Time, Love Potion # 9, Four Strong Winds, Hearts In Her Eyes, Needles and Pins - Mono, I Don't Want to Go On Without You, Tricky Dicky, Sweets For My Sweets, Don't Cha Know, This Feeling Inside, Be My Baby, Love Potion Number 9 (Re-Recorded), Popcorn Double Feature, The System, Glad All Over, Cherry Stones, Till I Met You, No One Else Could Love Me, Unhappy Girls, Goodnight Baby, Saints And Searchers, Too Many Miles, Sweet for My Sweet, (I'll Be) Missing You, Crazy Dreams, Ain't Gonna Kiss You, Oh My Lover, Till You Say You'll Be Mine, Does She Really Care For Me, So Far Away, (Ain't That) Just Like Me, Shimmy Shimmy, Hi-Heel Sneakers, Needles and Pins (original version), I'll Be Doggone, If I Could Find Someone, Something You Got Baby, I'll Be Missing You, 'Till I Met You, Gonna Send You Back To Georgia, You Can't Lie To a Liar, Searchers - Sweets for My Sweet, Livin' Lovin' Wreck, Sweets for My Sweet - Stereo, You wanna make her happy, Bye Bye Johnny, Let The Good Times Roll, No One Else Could Love You