The Libertines

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The Libertines, banda inglesa de rock, caracterizados por un estilo que fluye entre el punk y lo más melódico del britpop y sus constantes problemas internos. La banda llegó al máximo de su fama al principio de la década de los 2000, encabezando el movimiento revival del garage rock de ese tiempo. La banda se centraba en el duo compositivo de Pete Doherty (voz/guitarra rítmica) y Carl Barât (voz/guitarra principal), respaldados por John Hassall (bajo) y Gary Powell (batería). The Libertines are an English band that formed in London, England in 1997 and disbanded in 2004. They reformed in 2010 to play the Reading and Leeds festivals. The band released three full-length LPs, first two produced by Mick Jones of The Clash. Their third album was released after 11 years of silence - they reformed again in 2015. Centered around the song-writing partnership and chemistry between Peter Doherty (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Carl Barât (vocals/lead guitar)

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The Libertines, Arbeit Macht Frei, Can't Stand Me Now, Time for Heroes, What Katie Did, Music When the Lights Go Out, Up the Bracket, Last Post on the Bugle, What Became of the Likely Lads, Don't Look Back into the Sun, The Man Who Would Be King, Death on the Stairs, Narcissist, Don't Be Shy, Boys in the Band, Vertigo, Campaign of Hate, The Ha Ha Wall, Tell the King, I Get Along, Tomblands, Horrorshow, What a Waster, The Good Old Days, Road to Ruin, The Saga, The Boy Looked at Johnny, Radio America, Begging, Don’t Look Back Into The Sun, Mayday, The Delaney, Gunga Din, Slowdown, Somebody Got Murdered, Summer of '89, You're My Waterloo, Hey Yankee, 10 Seconds to Love, The Sound of the Saints, Kamikazi, I Don't Belong Here, Anthem For Doomed Youth, Never Never, What A Waster (XFM Live Sessions Version), Heart Of The Matter, Candy, Two Steps Down, Barbarians, Plan A, Fame and Fortune, Cyclops, Music When the Lights Go Out (demo), Dilly Boys, Skag & Bone Man, Skint and Minted (demo), Mockingbird, Death on the Stairs (new recording), Belly Of The Beast, Hooray For The 21st Century, Blister In The Sun, Outside, Bucket Shop, Bangkok, Glasgow Coma Scale Blues, Iceman, Moscow, Fury Of Chonburi, The Milkman's Horse, Treason, France, Volunteer (Bonus Demo Track), General Smuts, Wishes Were Horses (Bonus Demo Track), Heartbreak, Dead For Love, Beautiful Disaster, The Last Post on the Bugle, Love on the Dole, Mr Finnegan, Next Life, Breck Rd. Boys In The Band, 7 Deadly Sins, Mocking Bird, Cola Queen, I Got Sweets, Lazy Sunday, Guttersnipe Surf, Lust Of The Libertines, Hooligans on E, Breck Road Lover, Someone Else's Song, Skag and Bone Man, ha ha wall, Babyshambles 1, Seven Deadly Sins, Back From the Dead, Tell the King (Original), Untitled