The Kooks

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The Kooks es una banda de indie rock originaria de Brighton, Inglaterra. Su álbum de debut, "Inside in Inside Out", permaneció la mitad de 2006 en las listas británicas, vendiendo más de un millón de copias en el Reino Unido y alcanzando hasta tres veces el disco de platino. En 2008 publicaron su segundo album de estudio "Konk" el cual llegó al #1 en UK y recibió buenas criticas, Allmusic afirmó que "exploran el rock y el pop en toda su gloria". British indie rock band - formed in Brighton, England, United Kingdom in 2004. The band currently consists of Luke Pritchard (vocals, guitar), Hugh Harris (guitar), Peter Denton (bass) and Nick Millard (drums). Nick is currently filling in for Paul Garred due to a recent arm injury. They have released three studio albums; their 2006 debut Inside In/Inside Out peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart, and their 2008 follow up Konk reached number one.

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The Kooks, Naïve, She Moves in Her Own Way, Seaside, Ooh La, Always Where I Need to Be, Sofa Song, You Don't Love Me, See the World, Eddie's Gun, Shine On, Sway, If Only, Jackie Big Tits, Do You Wanna, See the Sun, Mr. Maker, Time Awaits, Got No Love, Gap, Junk of the Heart (Happy), Love It All, One Last Time, Stormy Weather, Down to the Market, I Want You Back, Matchbox, Match Box, Tick of Time, I Want You, Bad Habit, How'd You Like That, All Over Town, Taking Pictures of You, Rosie, Is It Me, Fuck the World Off, Killing Me, Runaway, Time Above the Earth, Eskimo Kiss, California, Mr. Nice Guy, Petulia, Forgive & Forget, Around Town, No Longer, Young Folks, Down, Watching The Ships Roll In, Sweet Emotion, Nothing Ever Changes, Fa La La, Eaten By Your Lover, See The Sun (Alternate Version), By My Side, In love, Hatful of Love, Bus Song, Too Much of Nothing, Brooklyn (Home Demo), Be Mine, Higher Ground, Kids (MGMT Cover), Westside, See Me Now, Do You Love Me Still?, It Was London, All That She Wants, Are We Electric, Tick Of Time (+ hidden track 'All Over Town'), Dreams, Crazy, Bonus Track, Sunrise, I Already Miss You, Melody Maker, Crazy (Live Lounge 30/3/06), Bad Taste in My Mouth, Walk Away, In My Opinion, Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover), Vicious, Indigo Lights, A Turbulence Beat, Belly Love, Always Free, Be Who You Are, Victoria, Slave To The Game, All That She Wants (Ace Of Bace cover), Give In, Pull Me In, Hooray For Henry, Bruce Emms, Pull Me In (Demo), Something to Say, Move On, Salvation In Time