The Internet

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There are at least three artists known as The Internet: 1. The Internet is a hip-hop/soul duo and one of many sub-groups within the Los Angeles, California hip-hop collective OFWGKTA. It consists of Odd Future's sound engineer, audio mixer, and live DJ Syd Tha Kyd on vocals and Matt Martian of The Jet Age of Tomorrow on production. The duo released their debut LP, Purple Naked Ladies, digitally on December 20, 2011. A physical copy was released on January 31

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The Internet, Special Affair, Dontcha, Get Away, Girl, Just Sayin/I Tried, Under Control, Go with It, Girl - Radio Edit, Gabby, Violet Nude Women, Penthouse Cloud, Love Song - 1, Partners in Crime Part Three, Tellem (Intro), Fastlane, Sunset, Somthing's Missing, For the World, Palace/Curse, Web Of Me, Red Balloon, The Garden, She Knows, They Say, Shadow Dance, Cloud Of Our Own, Matt's Apartment, Missing You, You Dont Even Know, Pupil | The Patience, Girl (feat. Kaytranada), Runnin', She Dgaf, She Dgaf - Explicit Album Version, Cunt, Wanders Of The Mind, Gabby (feat. Janelle Monáe), Go With It (feat. Vic Mensa), Partners In Crime, Pt. Two, Cocaine, C*nt - Explicit Album Version, Cocaine featuring Left Brain - Explicit Album Version, For the World (feat. James Fauntleroy), Silly Otter!, Ode To A Dream, Palace/Curse (feat. Steve Lacy & Tyler, The Creator), Higher Times, Visions, Pupil / The Patience, Something's Missing, Don't You Know?, Cocaine - Explicit Album Version, Partners In Crime, Pt. 2, They Say (feat. Tay Walker), Spaceships, You Don't Even Know (feat. Tay Walker), Famous, Sunset (feat. Yuna Zaraai), Gurl - Explicit Album Version, They Say featuring Tay Walker, Pretty Please, Runnin' (feat. Tay Walker), Cocaine/Levie (featuring Left Brain), Lincoln - Explicit Album Version, They Say/Shangrila (featuring Tay Walker), Cocaine (feat. Left Brain), What You Think, Ode To A Dream (featuring Kilo Kish & Coco O.), Wanders of the Mind (feat. Mac Miller), Gurl (featuring Pyramid Vritra), Lincoln (featuring Left Brain & Mike G), Visions (featuring Coco O.), Ode To A Dream featuring Kilo Kish & Coco O., Ode to a Dream (feat. Kilo Kish & Coco O.), Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III), They Say featuring Tay Walker - Explicit Version, Gurl (feat. Pyramid Vritra), Visions (feat. Coco O.), Visions featuring Coco O., Gurl featuring Pyramid Vritra - Explicit Album Version, Lincoln featuring Left Brain & Mike G - Explicit Album Version, Partners In Crime, Live It Up, Lincoln (feat. Left Brain & Mike G), Girl ft. Kaytranada, Lonely Notes, Of It, Sunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai), Love Song -1-2, TSA, Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix), You Don't Even Know (Ft. Tay Wa), Nuclear Bomb, Gurl, Ya Know, Lincoln, Runnin' (Ft. Tay Walker), Cave Art