The Human League

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Human League son un grupo inglés de música New Wave de los 80, formados en el año 1977 en Sheffield. El grupo tuvo un éxito masivo a los comienzos de los 80. Human league ha seguido componiendo discos en los 90's y 2000's. El único miembro constante del grupo ha sido el cantante Phillip Oakey. Actualmente el grupo se presenta con la formación de Oakey junto con las cantantes femeninas Joanne Catherall y Susan Ann Gayle Su mayor éxito fue "Don't You Want Me", que alcanzó el no. The Human League are an English synthpop band formed in 1977. Originally a minimal Post-Punk synthesiser-based group from Sheffield, UK, they became one of the most successful New Wave acts of the 80s. The only consistent band member is vocalist and songwriter Phil Oakey. The band's best known configuration was their 1980-1985 lineup of Phillip Oakey (vocals), Joanne Catherall (vocals), Susanne Sulley (vocals), Phillip Adrian Wright (keyboards), Jo Callis (guitar, keyboards) and Ian Burden (bass).

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The Human League, Don't You Want Me, Don't You Want Me - 2002 - Remaster, Human, Love Action (I Believe in Love), (Keep Feeling) Fascination, Being Boiled, The Sound of the Crowd, Open Your Heart, Together In Electric Dreams, Mirror Man, The Things That Dreams Are Made of, Seconds, The Lebanon, Do or Die, Empire State Human, Darkness, Get Carter, Tell Me When, Louise, Life On Your Own, I Am the Law, All I Ever Wanted, Heart Like A Wheel, Love Action (I Believe in Love) - 2002 - Remaster, Dont You Want Me Baby, Things That Dreams Are Made Of, Being Boiled (Fast Version), Don't You Want Me (Original Version), (Keep Feeling) Fascination - 2003 - Remaster, Together In Electric Dreams - 2003 - Remaster, Don't You Want Me Baby, Love Is All That Matters, Fascination, One Man In My Heart, Circus of Death, Almost Medieval, The Black Hit of Space, Hard Times, Love Action, Blind Youth, The Path of Least Resistance, Only After Dark, I Love You Too Much, The Things That Dreams Are Made of - 2002 - Remaster, Life Kills, Don't You Know I Want You, Human - 2003 - Remaster, Crow and a Baby, Toyota City, Dreams Of Leaving, Gordon's Gin, I'm Coming Back, Money, Marianne, The Touchables, Zero as a Limit, Never Let Me Go, Dancevision, Don't You Want Me (2002 - Remaster), WXJL Tonight, Night People, Open Your Heart - 2002 Digital Remaster, The Sound Of The Crowd - 2002 Digital Remaster, Don't You Want Me (Special Extended Dance Mix), (Keep Feeling) Fascination - 2003 Digital Remaster, Boys and Girls, Stay With Me Tonight, The Sign, I Don't Depend on You, Sound of the Crowd, Don't You Want Me?, Dont You Want Me, You Remind Me Of Gold, Tom Baker, So Hurt, Introducing, The Word Before Last, Being Boiled - 2003 - Remaster, Sky, Betrayed, I Need Your Loving, Morale...You've Lost That Loving Feeling, Are You Ever Coming Back?, Love On The Run, (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation), The Real Thing, Jam, Human (Extended Version), Don't You Want Me (Snap 7" remix), Together In Electric Dreams - 2003 Digital Remaster, Don't You Want Me - Special Extended Dance Mix, Shameless, Fascination (extended), Seconds - 2002 Digital Remaster, Cruel, Party, Swang, Into The Night