The Holydrug Couple

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Con una for­ma­ción mínima, para una banda de rock típica, The Holy­drug couple pro­pone un sonido que con­trasta lo eté­reo con lo denso, en un for­mato de can­ción que mez­cla las influen­cias de blues del Misi­sipi y del rock sico­dé­lico ingles de fina­les de los 60’s, tra­ba­jando el tempo para ase­me­jarse a la caden­cia lán­guida y exu­be­rante de la naturaleza. For­mada a fina­les del año 2008, en San­tiago de Chile The Holydrug Couple have done a lot of growing since their first release with Sacred Bones Records in 2011. The “couple,” consisting of Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra recorded Noctuary in Santiago, Chile. They put together a home studio and recorded the entire album themselves, from start to finish. Feeling that no one else had been able to capture their sound, Ives decided to take a risk and produce and engineer the album on his own. After four months of obsessively working and barely leaving the house

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The Holydrug Couple, Counting Sailboats, Follow Your Way, If I Could Find You (Eternity), Sailor, Dreamy, Out of sight, Atlantic Postcard, French Movie Theme, Paisley, Red Moon, Wonder, Willoweed, Light or Night, It's Dawning, Concorde, Wondered, Generique Noir, Submarine Gold, Remember Well, Baby, I’m Going Away, I Don’t Feel Like It, Ancient Land, Amphitrites Lost, U Don’t Wake Up, Mountaintop, Long Rain, Now Revisited, Clouds, We're Gonna Die, Amphritrites Lost, Flow, Baby, I'm Going Away, Counting Sailboats Drone, Like follow your way, I Don't Feel Like It, Follow You Way, U Don't Wake Up, Now, Glowing Summer, Everyone Knows All, Edit #1, You Dont Wake Up, Edit #2, Quetzal, Edit #3, Je t'aime Non Plus, Tunquén, Edit #4, Seaweed Dance, Counting Saliboats, Gm-F-C, Now It's the time, Motorcycle Ride - Black Owl Jam Revisited, Slow Motion Cat, Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus, Je t'aime…moi non plus, Overture, I Don’t Feel Like It, River Scene, Whatever You Want, Vase Of Flowers, Pineapple eyes, Baby, I’m Going Away, Wonder / Wonder Reprise, U Don’t Wake Up, Black owl jam, Ouija Jam, Pantanal Theme, Generique Nocturne, I Don’t Feel Like It, You don't wake up, Motorcycle ride / Black owl jam revisited, Baby, I’m Going Away, Everything's so Wrong, Pt. 2, Everything's so wrong (Part 2), U Don’t Wake Up, Ouija Jam (Bonus track), Remember why?, Amphitrite's Lost, You are me (Love theme), My Sky Is Black (Instrumental), Moonlust, Jam II, Remember Why, My Sky Is Black, Like follow your way (Synth), Noctuary (Full Album), "Follow Your Way" from the album Noctuary (Sacred Bones), Tunquen, If I Could Find You - From the Bed Remix, You Are Me - Love Theme, How many lifes?, Mointaintop, Nightday (Pre Redmoon), Sunrise (Pre Redmoon), If I could find you (From the bed remix), JE T'AIME...MOI NON PLUS, Gm - F -C