The Growlers

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The Growlers are an American band formed in Dana Point, California in 2006, now based in Costa Mesa. The band was formed by singer Brooks Nielsen and lead guitarist Matt Taylor later adding keyboard player/guitarist Kyle Straka and bassist Anthony Braun Perry. They have released five albums, three EPs and a number of singles. The band's sound has been described as "a trademark style of music that somehow combines country, surf, pop, rock and beat" which has been labelled "Beach Goth" Take 5 southern california guys, mix in some surf, stone, and psychedelic, throw them in a haunted mansion in west hochiminster and with a little luck, you might get a band like The Growlers. The bands name comes from lead singer Brooks Nielsen and guitarist Moustache Matt. One day Brooks came home and Matt was takin a big growler in the outhouse and the rest is history. Watch some footage of old Wind N Sea Surf Club back in the 70's and you might get a taste of what this band's live shows are like.

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The Growlers, One Million Lovers, Someday, Big Toe, Graveyard's Full, Sea Lion Goth Blues, Good Advice, Naked Kids, Something Someone Jr., City Club, Chinese Fountain, Going gets Tough, I'll Be Around, Black Memories, Living in a Memory, What It Is, Pet Shop Eyes, Nosebleed Sun, Empty Bones, Salt on a Slug, Dull Boy, Humdrum Blues, No Need for Eyes, In Between, Beach Rats, Badlands, The Moaning Man from Shanty Town, Dogheart II, Love Test, Red Tide, Acid Rain, Burden of the Captain, Night Ride, Tell It How It Is, Row, Derka Blues, Let It Be Known, Camino Muerto, Wet Dreams, Rare Hearts, Hiding Under Covers, Magnificent Sadness, Not the Man, The Fruit is for Everyone, Use Me for Your Eggs, It's No Use, Old Cold River, A Man With No God, Underneath Our Palms, Tijuana, Hula Hula Hideout, Swallowed Whole, Stranger's Road, Old 8 Legs, Wandering Eyes, Barnacle Beat, Purgatory Drive, Hoopity Hip, Heehaw Stomp, Lenny Sinpablo Juliano 36th, Nobody Owns You, Ol' Rat Face, Change in Your Veins, Vacant Lot, Dope on a Rope, Black Jungle Supreme, When You Were Made, People Don't Change Blues, The Daisy Chain, Gay Thoughts, Rubber & Bone, Pretend I'm Gay, World Unglued, Ego of Man, Too Many Times, Neverending Line, Blood of a Mutt, Speed Living, Late Bloomers, Going Gets Tuff, Drinkin' the Juice Blues, Sunset Girl, Feelin Good, Freedom Children, Golden Vine, Slack Back Boot Man, Uncle Sam's a Dick, Soul of Coral, Big Wednesday, Her Command, Banacle Beat, Average Man, Conquered Sun, No Trees in the Desert, Killed My Woman, Mad Dad the Crusty Crab, Jonesey's bowl, Swamp Stomp, The Cobblestone Creep