The Fray

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The Fray es un grupo de rock alternativo proveniente de Denver (Colorado, Estados Unidos). Formado el 2002 por los compañeros de escuela Isaac Slade y Joe King, la banda realizó su debut con el álbum "How to Save a Life", con el cual logró colocarse en el Top 3 de los Billboard Hot 100 y fue también uno de los 5 principales sencillos en Canadá, Australia, Irlanda, Suecia y el Reino Unido. The Fray también encontró éxito nacional con la canción "Over my head (Cable Car)" From the sleepy sprawl of America's 'Mile-High City', Denver, Colorado, United States, comes The Fray, a foursome whose melodic piano rock songs and soaring vocals resonate with sprawling tapestries and tales of hopefulness and heartache. Formed in 2002 by Isaac Slade (vocals, piano) and Joe King (guitar, vocals), The Fray earned a loyal grassroots following through impressive area gigs and the support of local radio, which led a listener-driven campaign to get the band a record contract.

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The Fray, How to Save a Life, You Found Me, Over My Head (Cable Car), Look After You, She Is, Never Say Never, All at Once, Fall Away, Trust Me, Heaven Forbid, Vienna, Little House, Dead Wrong, Hundred, Syndicate, Say When, Absolute, Where the Story Ends, Happiness, Enough for Now, Heartbeat, Over My Head, Ungodly Hour, We Build Then We Break, Love Don't Die, Unsaid, Be Still, Run for Your Life, The Fighter, Turn Me On, Heartless, Without Reason, The Wind, I Can Barely Say, 1961, Munich, Heartless - Swinghouse Session, Rainy Zurich, 48 to Go, Here We Are, Oceans Away, City Hall, Together, Hold My Hand, Over My Head (Cable Car) - Acoustic [Live], Hurricane, Some Trust, Break Your Plans, Mahna Mahna, Give It Away, Closer to Me, Keep On Wanting, How to Save a Life - Live, Our Last Days, How to Save a Life (new album version), Wherever This Goes, heartless (kanye west cover), Heartless (Swinghouse Session), The Great Beyond, Fair Fight, Shadow and a Dancer, You Found Me (acoustic version), Uncertainty, Same as You, Over My Head (Cable Car) - Acoustic Version, Singing Low, Unsaid (bonus track), Over My Head (Cable Car) (acoustic), Where the Story Ends (piano version), Hips Don't Lie, Maps, How to Save a Life (Live), Cable Car, Absolute (acoustic version), How To Save a Life - Original Album Version, How To Save A Life - Single Mix, How to Save a Life (live at The Electric Factory), It's for You, How to Save a Life (Original Album Version), Where You Want To, Unsaid - EP Version, How to Save a Life (single mix), Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Streets of Philadelphia, Why, Dead Wrong (live at The Electric Factory), kiss me, Over My Head (Cable Car) (Stripped ® Version), Interlude 1 (Live at The Electric Factory), Over My Head (Cable Car) (live at The Electric Factory), "It's Not Easy Being Skinny" (Live at The Electric Factory), She Is (Stripped ® Version), She Is (Live at The Electric Factory), "Chips and Salsa" (Live at The Electric Factory), Look After You (Live), Vienna - Original EP Version, Enough for Now (acoustic version), Together - EP Version