The Civil Wars

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The Civil Wars es un grupo compuesto por los canta-autores Joy Williams y John Paul White. Los dos se conocieron en Nashville, Tennessee en el 2008. Después de grabar un EP de cuatro canciones, su album completo "Barton Hollow" fue lanzado en el 2011. La banda fue ganadora de dos Grammys: Best Country Duo/Group Performance y Best Folk Album en la ceremonia realizada en el 2012. The Civil Wars were an American musical duo composed of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White. After releasing a live-performance album and a four-song EP, their full-length album Barton Hollow was released in 2011. The band won the Grammy Award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Folk Album in 2012. Williams and White met in 2008, during a song-writing session or "writing camp" at a music studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Civil Wars, Poison & Wine, Barton Hollow, To Whom It May Concern, 20 Years, I've Got This Friend, My Father's Father, C'est la Mort, Dust to Dust, Falling, Girl with the Red Balloon, The Violet Hour, Billie Jean, Birds of a Feather, The One That Got Away, Forget Me Not, Kingdom Come, From This Valley, Devil's Backbone, I Had Me a Girl, No Ordinary Love - Live at Eddie's Attic, Same Old Same Old, Tip of My Tongue, Eavesdrop, I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day, Disarm, Tell Mama, Dance Me to the End of Love, Oh Henry, Dance Me to the End of Love (Bonus), I Want You Back (Bonus), Sacred Heart, Dance Me to the End of Love - Bonus, Go, D'Arline, The One That Got Away - Acoustic, Dust to Dust - Acoustic, I Want You Back, Tracks in the Snow, Pressing Flowers, From This Valley - Acoustic, Billie Jean - Live, Talking In Your Sleep, Eavesdrop - Alternate Version, Between The Bars, Dance Me to the End of Love - Bonus Track, O Come O Come Emmanuel, You Are My Sunshine - Vinyl Master, Dance Me to the End of Love (GarageBand Version), Tip Of My Tongue - Live at Eddie's Attic, You Are My Sunshine - Bonus, I Want You Back - Bonus, Falling (Demo), I Had Me a Girl - Acoustic, If I Didn't Know Better, Oh Henry - Alternate Version, Sour Times, Goodbye Girl - Acoustic, Poison & Wine (Live), No Ordinary Love, You Are My Sunshine, Marionette - Demo, Goodbye Girl, Goodbye Girl (acoustic), I Want You Back - Bonus Track, Marionette (demo), Falling (Demo) [Bonus Track], Billie Jean (Live), If I Didn't Know Better - Live at Eddie's Attic, Poison & Wine - Live at Eddie's Attic, 20 Years - Live at Eddie's Attic, Dance Me to the End of Love - Live at Eddie's Attic, Falling - Live at Eddie's Attic, Between The Bars - Live Set, Disarm - Daytrotter, My Father's Father - Live at Eddie's Attic, Girl with the Red Balloon - Live at Eddie's Attic, Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover), You Are My Sunshine (Bonus), Dust to Dust (Acoustic), 20 Years (Live), Billie Jean (ORIGINALLY BY MICHAEL JACKSON), Barton Hollow (Live), Billie Jean - ORIGINALLY BY MICHAEL JACKSON, The One That Got Away (Acoustic), Oh, Henry, Eavesdrop (Alternate Version), Kingdom Come (Live), Billie Jean (Bonus), Oh Henry (Alternate Version), No Ordinary Love (Live at Eddie's Attic), From This Valley (Acoustic), I Had Me a Girl (Acoustic), Sour Times (Live), Billie Jean (Live) [Bonus], Dance Me to the End of Love (slide show), The One That Got Away (Studio Cut), I’ve Got This Friend (Live), Finding North