The Brobecks

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The Brobecks es una banda de indie rock, y es el proyecto de tiempo completo de el cantante y compositor Dallon Weekes. La banda está firmado y tiene su sede en Salt Lake City, Utah y Los Angeles, California. De sonido de la banda utiliza una amplia variedad de instrumentos y atributos de sus influencias a artistas como George Gershwin, The Beatles y Elvis Costello. Denominado por algunos como "Indie pop 19th Century", el grupo de Weekes 'ha recibido elogios de la crítica de ambos y la revista Spin URB así como otros artistas de éxito. The Brobecks is an indie rock outfit fronted by singer/songwriter/Dallon Weekes. Referred to by some as ”19th Century Indie pop”. URB Magazine Top 100 bands to watch ”Adorable, intelligent indie-pop.” - SPIN Magazine Indie Pop Band of the Year (2007-2008)- SLC Weekly ON SALE NOW ON iTunes OFFICIAL PAGE: BAND MEMBERS INCLUDE: Dallon Weekes

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The Brobecks, Better Than Me, Love at First Sight, All of the Drugs, Bike Ride, Le Velo Pour Deux, Boring, Small Cuts, Goodnight Socialite, If You Like It Or Not, Visitation of the Ghost, The Nerve, I Will, Tonight, Sleeping Pills, Second Boys Will Be First Choice (Radio Version), Heartbreak or Death, West of California, You Or A Ghost, City Lights, March #1, Jacqui, Die Alone, Break Your Arm, A Letter, Christmas Drag, Everyone's a Jerk, You Stole My Head, C'mon Vietnam, Ollie, One Minute of Fun, Good Girls, And Shoot the Sun, File Code #1459, I'd Be A Punk, I'm Fine, Really, Hey You, Didn't Mean To, Why I Don't Smile, She's a Robot, Sloppy Seconds, Monday Morning, John Barnes, Creep You Out, Downtown, Cowboy Song, I'll Break Your Arm, I'll be Fine, Really, Anyone I Know, Aeroplanes, Boring (Too Fast Too Furious Version), Cluster Hug, Goodnight, Socialite, le vélo pour deux, Don't Like You Anymore, I'll be Fine, Boring (Too Fast Too Furious Mix), See You Cry, Skid Row (Downtown), Sickly Sweet Holidays, Second Boys, Bike Ride Accoustic, Le Velo, Skid Row (Downtown) FREE, I'd Be A Punk If My Mom Would Let Me, 2nd Boys Will be 1st Choice, 2nd Boys, Better Than Me (No HD!), I'd Be A Punk (If My Mom Would Let Me), Second Boys Will Be First Choice (PacSun Version), Queen Of The Valley, Bike Ride (Acoustic), Didn't Mean To Descend Into The Pits Of Hell, She's A Robot v2.0, Love at First Sight The Brobecks, I Didn't Mean To, Boring (Too Fast/Too Furious Version), Olly Wins, Olly Faces The Dragon, Bike Ride acoustic, Love At The First Sight, The Cowboy Concerto, Globular, Sickly Sweet Holidays (Feat. Amelie), 11 Downtown (Understanding The Brobecks), Sickly-Sweet Holidays, Sloppy Fifths, Wish You Were Here, 9 Creep You Out (Understanding The Brobecks), Boring (dance version), Clusterhug, 5 I'd Be A Punk (Understanding The Brobecks), 8 March #1 (Goodnight, And Have A Pleasant Tomorrow), Nicole (premix), If You Like It KH Mix 1, Untitled, I Didn't Mean To., March 2, Skid Row, Dallon's Christmas Song