The Bravery

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The Bravery es una banda norteamericana de música Indie proveniente de Nueva York, que ha sido incluída en el Post punk revival. Está compuesta por Sam Endicott (guitarra y voz), John Conway (teclados), Anthony Burulcich (batería), Michael Zakarin (guitar) y Mike Hindert (bajo). Su primer álbum, The Bravery (2005), alcanzo el Top 20 en los Estados Unidos y el Top 5 en el Reino Unido. Su estilo musical ha sido comparado con banda como The Strokes, The Cure, New Order, The Smiths y, sobre todo, con The Killers. The Bravery is an alternative rock band with electronic influences, formed in New York City in 2003. Their musical style has been compared to The Strokes, New Order and The Killers, amongst others. They are best known for three songs - 2005's "An Honest Mistake", 2007's "Time Won't Let Me Go" and 2008's "Believe". The band consists of Sam Endicott (vocals, guitar), Michael Zakarin (guitar), John Conway (keyboard), Mike Hindert (bass) and Anthony Burulcich (drums).

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The Bravery, Believe, An Honest Mistake, Unconditional, Fearless, Honest Mistake, Time Won't Let Me Go, Swollen Summer, Tyrant, No Brakes, Public Service Announcement, Out Of Line, Above And Below, Give In, The Ring Song, This Is Not The End, Bad Sun, The Ocean, Rites Of Spring, Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear, Fistful Of Sand, Tragedy Bound, Split Me Wide Open, Angelina, No Breaks, An Honest Mistake - CD Album Version, Hot Pursuit, Slow Poison, No Ring On These Fingers, Ours, Hatefuck, Het Sunshiney Day, The Spectator, Hot Pursuit (bonus track), I Am Your Skin, Adored, Song For Jacob, I Have Seen The Future, Red Hands And White Knuckles, She's So Bendable, Jack-O'-Lantern Man, Hey Sunshine Day, Open Heart Surgery, aoc, Sugarpill, Public Service, An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix), Faces, Sugar Pill, Believe [Sun Version], Believe [Moon Version], Believe (Alt. Version), Time Won't Let Me Go (Vocal Up Version), Oh, Glory, An Honest Mistake (Live Lounge), Time Won't Let Me Go [Sun Version], This Is Not The End [Sun Version], This is Not the End [Moon Version], Bad Sun [Moon Version], Bad Sun [Sun Version], Above And Below [Sun Version], Time Won't Let Me Go [Moon Version], Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear [Moon Version], Tragedy Bound [Sun Version], Fistful of Sand [Moon Version], Fistful Of Sand [Sun Version], Time Won't Let Me Go (Van She Tech Remix), The Bravery - Tyrant, The Ocean [Sun Version], Run In The Walls, The Ocean [Moon Version], Tragedy Bound [Moon Version], Split Me Wide Open [Sun Version], Above And Below [Moon Version], Angelina [Sun Version], Angelina [Moon Version], Split Me Wide Open [Moon Version], Faces [Sun Version], Hey Sunshiney Day, Believe - Moon Version, Rat In The Walls, An Honest Mistake - Superdiscount remix, Rat In The Walls [Sun Version], Who Left Me Out, Believe (Moon Version), 03 - The Bravery - Ours, An Cat Dubh (UK Bonus), Unconditional (Benassi Mix), Unconditional (Benny Benassi Extended Mix), The Bravery - Public Service, An Honest Mistake (Clean), Rocket, Time Won't Let Me Go - Vocal Up Version, The Dandy (Rock), Believe (The Sun), Believe (The Moon), 04 - Tyrant, 05 - Give In, Hot Pursuit ((U.K. Album Bonus Track))