The Blow Monkeys

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The Blow Monkeys fue una banda inglesa de los 80, que empezó en 1984 como new wave introduciéndose en el mercado comercial del pop rock y finalmente convertida en Dance al principio de los 90. The Blow Monkeys is a British pop and blue eyed soul group that is best known for its 80s work, particularly the international top 20 pop hit "Digging Your Scene". With their snappy dress sense and androgynous image, the band drew comparisons to new wave and art rock contemporaries such as The Style Council and Roxy Music. Fronted by lead singer and songwriter Dr. Robert (born Bruce Robert Howard, in Haddington, Scotland, on 2 May 1961), the group formed in 1981 upon Howard's return to the U.

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The Blow Monkeys, You Don't Own Me, Digging Your Scene, It Doesn't Have to Be This Way, La Passionara, Out With Her, La Passionara - 12" Version, Wicked Ways, Wait, Forbidden Fruit, You Don't Own Me - Remastered 2003, Atomic Lullaby, This Is Your Life, It Pays To Belong, Wildflower, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Choice?, Springtime For The World, Celebrate (The Day After You), Slaves No More, Man From Russia, You Don't Own Me (Remastered 2003), Animal Magic, Aeroplane City Lovesong, Diggin' Your Scene (Extended Mix), I Nearly Died Laughing, I Backed A Winner (In You), Sweet Murder, Don't Be Scared Of Me, The Day After You, Checking Out, La Passionara (12" Version), Burn The Rich, Walking The Bluebeat, Rise Above, No Woman Is An Island, How Long Can A Bad Thing Last, Man At The End Of His Tether, Heaven Is A Place, Feels Like A New Morning, Squaresville, Heaven Is A Place I'm Moving To, Don't Give It Up, It Pays To Be Short, You Don't Owe Me, Cash, Steppin' Down, Highway!, The Love Of Which I Dare Not To Speak, He's Shedding Skin, Beautiful Child, It Doesn't Have to Be This Way (Long Version), Track 01, The Love Of Which I Dare Not Speak, The Other Side Of You, He's Shredding Skin, It Doesn't Have to Be That Way, It Pays To Be Long, Oh My, Bombed Into The Stoneage, Cover Me, Come On Down, The Grantham Grizzler, La Passionara [12" Version], It Doesn´t Have To Be This Way, Choice? (Extended Mix), Chained, The Bullet Train, Go Public, I Doesn´t Have To Be This Way, My America, The World Can Wait, This Is The Way It Has To Be, The Higher Ground, Slither, A Momentary Fall, Said Too Much, Ok! Have It Your Way, I Don't Mind, Rub-a-dub Shanka, Wait (Long), In Too Deep, Be Not Afraid, If You Love Somebody, Icarus In Flames, Fat Cat Belusha, Travelin' Soul, Trashtown Incident, We Can Win, This Is Your Life - '88 Remix, The Killing Breeze, Let The People Dance, Let's Emigrate, Hold Everything Dear, I'm So Glad, My Twisty Jewel, As The Dust Settles, Sweet Talking Rapist At Home, Digging Your Scene - 12' Mastermind Remix