The Bloody Beetroots

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The Bloody Beetroots son un dúo italiano de música electrónica y dance. Fue formado a finales de 2006 por el productor internacional indie Bobby Rifo , junto con Tommy Tea (aka isaac) de ensenada secretamente; aunque Bob Rifo se encarga de la mayor parte de la producción y mezclas. Su primer EP Cornelius, del 2008, se colocó en el Top 100 de descargas internacionales en iTunes ese año. Este álbum fue un completo proyecto artístico, compuesto por música, videos y moda. The Bloody Beetroots are an electro and dance music duo from Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy. Formed in late 2006 by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, an international indie producer, and DJ Tommy Tea. Often compared with French duo Justice and Italian DJ duo Crookers, the duo wear Grendel masks while performing. The duo had a short tour of the United States in early 2008, alongside label-mate Steve Aoki. In 2008, their song "Butter" was included on the soundtrack for FIFA 09

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The Bloody Beetroots, Butter, Warp 1.9, Cornelius, Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki), Storm, I Love The Bloody Beetroots, Awesome (feat. The Cool Kids), Yeah Boy, Rombo (feat. Congorock), Theolonius (King Voodoo), Anacletus, Mother, It’s Better A DJ on 2 Turntables, Romborama (feat. All Leather), Cornelius (Radio Oi!), Warp 7.7 (feat. Steve Aoki), Fucked From Above 1985, Warp 7.7, I Love the Bloody Beetroots (radio edit), Chronicles of a Fallen Love, Rocksteady, Second Streets Have No Name (feat. Beta Bow), I Love the Bloody Beetroots (extended), Make Me Blank (feat. J*Davey), Yeyo (feat. Raw Man), Awesome, House N° 84, Have Mercy On Us (feat. Cècile), FFA 1985, Dimmakmmunication, Cornelius (Mix Oi!), Talkin’ In My Sleep (feat. Lisa Kekaula), Little Stars (feat. Vicarious Bliss), Public Enemy, Harvest Time, Come LA (feat. Marracash), Out of Sight, Have Mercy On Us, New Noise, Romborama, Rotten Pick 2007, It's Better a DJ on 2 Turntables, Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodie, Yeyo, Ill to Destroy, Mac Mac, Spank, Bluto Fucks Popeye, Cornelius (Radio Instrumental), Second Streets Have No Name, We Are From Venice (La Serenissima), Warp, Talkin In My Sleep, Cornelius (Mix Instrumental), Domino, The Source (Chaos & Confusion), Detroit (Ghetto edit), House No. 84, Reactivated, Make Me Blank, Albion, Pour un rasage de très près et un confort absolu!!, Warp 1977 (feat. Steve Aoki and Bobberman), 31 Seconds To Die, House N. 84, Little Stars, Have Mercy On Us ( feat. Cécile), Volevo Un Gatto Nero (You Promised Me), New Noise - The Bloody Beetroots remix, Runaway, Raw, Warp 1977, Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (feat. Greta Svabo Bech), Little Stars ( feat. Vicarious Bliss), All The Girls (Around The World), Come La ( feat. Marracash), The Furious, Out of Sight (feat. Paul McCartney & Youth), Cobrastyle - The Bloody Beetroots remix, Church Of Noise - Radio Edit [feat. Dennis Lyxzén], Please Baby, T*A*P*E*, Gustav Klimt Was a Dark!!, The Death of Cornelius (Overture), Can't Stop Me Now - The Bloody Beetroots remix, Glow In The Dark, Spank - Radio Edit, Bloody Beetroots NLLR Mix Exclusive, Goose - Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots Chipmunk Remix), Spank (feat. Tai & Bart B More), Rombo (Dirty Disco Youth Remix), Talkin' In My Sleep (The Bloody Beetroots Remix), Raw (feat. Tommy Lee), Butter (Draft), WARP (feat. Steve Aoki) (Dirtyphonics DubStep Remix), Goose - Black Gloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix), Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi, Bluto Fuck Popeye (Feat. Congorock)