The Bangles

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Las Bangles se formó en Los Angeles, California en 1981, originalmente bajo el nombre de The Supersonic Bangs, que luego se acortó a The Bangs. Sin embargo, un grupo de Nueva Jersey también llamado The Bangs amenazó con demandarlas, por lo que cambiaron su nombre a The Bangles. La formación original constaba de: Susanna Hoffs (guitarra, voz), Debbi Peterson (batería, voz, bajo), Vicki Peterson (guitarra, voz, bajo) Esta formación grabó un 45, "Getting out of Hand" b/w "Call on Me". The Bangles were one of the new generation of independent all-women bands that followed The Go-Go's in the early 1980s. Consisting of Susanna Hoffs (guitar, vocals), Debbi Peterson (drums, vocals), sister Vicki Peterson (guitar, vocals,) and Annette Zilinskas, who was later replaced by Michael Steele, (bass, vocals). The band was formed in Los Angeles in 1981 as The Supersonic Bangs, later shortened to The Bangs. They were forced to change their name to the Bangles when a band from New Jersey, also named the Bangs, threatened to sue.

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