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Hace unos 5 años Shane Butler y Anna Fox Rochinski estudiaban es la escuela del museo de bellas artes de Boston, fue durante ese periodo en que decidieron juntarse para tocar música basada en el idealismo Pop de los años 60s y 70s. Así fue que nació Quilt, proyecto ayudado más a que tanto Butler como Rochinski durante años anteriores habían tenido educación externa en cantos clásicos y de coro, virtud que han mantenido y prestigiado para su banda que complementan con John Andrews. There is more than one artist using the name Quilt: 1. QUILT "QUILT have forged a captivating universe of psychedelica, dream-pop, and folk-- full of warmth, sure, but also a calmness and a peacefulness that leaves us longing for New England green." - Daniel Gottlieb (Altered Zones) "Listening to these Brooklyn-via-Boston psych-folkers is enigmatic. First, they sound as though they write and record their music on some far-out teepee commune in New Mexico in 1971 while wearing navajo print drug rugs and smudging sage around the campfire.

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Quilt, Tie up the Tides, Arctic Shark, Penobska Oakwalk, Roller, Young Gold, Tired & Buttered, Saturday Bride, Eye of the Pearl, Mary Mountain, Cowboys in the Void, A Mirror, Eliot St., The Hollow, Just Dust, The World is Flat, Children of Light, Secondary Swan, HISSING MY PLEA, Passersby, I Sleep in Nature, Talking Trains, Milo, Rabid Love, Searching For, Utopian Canyon, Lost & Lewd, The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, Gome Home, Your Island, Something There, Padova, Own Ways, O’Connor's Barn, O'Connor's Barn, Open Eyes, Arctic Shark - Single Edit, As We Follow, False Eto, Mary Mountain - The World Is Flat - As We Follow, Disco Music For Trees, The Elephant's Tusk, Cry Baby Cry, western world, Commodity Spectre, Three (Untitled), Sugar Mountain, All My Friends Are Dead, Tired Buttered, Tired And Buttered, Agents Of Play, Pick n' Save, Can You Wait Any Longer?, 7Commas, 7 Commas, Passersby - Commentary, Three II, Roller - Commentary, Full Performance (Live on KEXP), Seven Commas, Searching For - Commentary, O'Connor's Barn - Commentary, Eliot St. - Commentary, Quilt - Eliot St., Mirror, Hollow, everything stops, Hissing My Plea - Commentary, World is Flat, Something There - Commentary, Held In - Splendor Arctic Shark (Mexican Summer), "Tie Up the Tides" from the album Held in Splendor (Mexican, Padova - Commentary, Passerby, Lost Lewd, Glass cut, Your Island - Commentary, we have layers of skin, Own Ways - Commentary, Metal through the jaw, A Funeral, the net with the girl from the bus, the blind are courageous, Ant Colony, Asexual worm, Last piece of flesh, Twas A Dream, Charging, Under a Pile of Gaffes, 02 Roller, 04 O'Connor's Barn, The Elephants Tusk, Penobska Oakwalk (Instrumental), The Killers That Run, Eliot St, Three, Rising, Tie up the Tides [Official Video], 01 Passersby