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Jamaican deejay Popcaan, of Portmore, Jamaica, was recruited by Vybz Kartel and joined Gaza Gang as his protegé. He continues to mix traditional dancehall sounds with electronic music, and his recent album, 2014's "Where We Come From", topped many year-end lists.

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Popcaan, Wine, Everything Nice, Only Man She Want, Dem Sell We Out, Love Yuh Bad, hustle food, Ravin, Hold On, The System, Party Shot, Where We Come From, Number One Freak, Jah Jah Protect Me, Waiting So Long, Dream, Cool It, Ghetto (Tired of Crying), Addicted, Clean, Evil, Give Thanks, Naughty Girl, Born Bad (Feat. Freddie Gibbs), Gangster City, Ova Dweet, Real Badman, Never Sober, When Mi Party, Unruly Rave, Wicked Man Ting, Everything Is Nice, Nah Sell Out, Party Non Stop, Fiesty Chat, When Mi Party - Raw, Can Believe, Hustle (Feat. Pusha T), PARTY SHOT ( MAJOR LAZER . ETC ETC REMIX ), Unruly Prayer, So Bad, Coolie Gal, She Gone, When U Wine Like That (Raw), Hustle (Feat Pusha T), Money Mi Want, Junction, Step Like Dead, Mama Pray Fa Me, Mi Baby Dat, World Cup, Unruly Gal, Middle Day, Rup Rup ( Bad Inna Real Life), Fall In Love, Get Gyal Easy, No Yes Man, Mi Unruly, Hear Dem Talk, She Want Hood - Raw, Man a Murdera, High All Day, So We Do It, Weed Is My Best Friend, Disrespect, Hustle, Whine Up, Pussy So Tight, Smile Again, Jeans So, Nah Idle, New Year, Nuh Box Pon Jaw, See Me & Talk, Mad Me - Love Edition, New Level, Party Shot - Single, Up Inna Di Club, Way Up, Only Man She Want (Raw) - Remix, Party Shot (Ravin Part 2), Party Shot (Ravin Part 2) - Major Lazer , Etc Etc Remix, Fry Yiy, Born Bad feat. Freddie Gibbs, UP TOP, Fully Auto, Popcaan Says, Every Gyal A Fi We, Born Bad, Fresh Jordan, Hott Grabba (Raw) - Feat. Popcaan, Way Up (Mildew Riddim), Ky Kwengko, Turn Up the Scheme, Feel Good, Bad Ah Yard, Bere Gyalniss, HEAD BAD, Wickend Man Ting