PJ Harvey

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Polly Jean Harvey nació el 9 de octubre de 1969 en Yeovil, Somerset, Inglaterra y es una cantautora inglesa reconocida en el mundo artístico como PJ Harvey . En la explosión de bandas de rock alternativas a principio de la década de los 90, existieron muchas figuras femeninas, cantantes y compositoras, que tomaron gran notoriedad. Entre ellas se encontraba PJ (Polly Jean) Harvey, con su rock crudo, directo y visceral. Con sus primeros álbumes demostró ser una de las más influyentes compositoras de canciones de la década noventera PJ Harvey is an abbreviation of singer-songwriter Polly Jean Harvey (b. 9 Oct 1969 in Yeovil and raised in nearby Corscombe, Dorset, England) and a name of two acts. First was a Harvey-led trio, formed in 1991 with Rob Ellis (drums) and Steve Vaughan (bass), which débuted with Dry (Mar 1992). Overlapping with the trio, Harvey reused the name for solo work, inaugurated by 4-Track Demos (Oct 1993). The trio broke up in 1995 and Harvey continued solo

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PJ Harvey, Down by the Water, Good Fortune, This Mess We're In, This Is Love, Let England Shake, Big Exit, One Line, The Words That Maketh Murder, The Last Living Rose, A Place Called Home, The Devil, Beautiful Feeling, Dear Darkness, You Said Something, When Under Ether, The Glorious Land, White Chalk, Kamikaze, Rid of Me, The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore, We Float, On Battleship Hill, Broken Harp, Silence, All and Everyone, C'mon Billy, The Piano, In the Dark Places, Horses In My Dreams, Grow Grow Grow, To Bring You My Love, England, Bitter Branches, Written on the Forehead, Angelene, Hanging in the Wire, Shame, A Perfect Day Elise, Before Departure, To Talk To You, The Mountain, The Colour of the Earth, The Letter, Send His Love To Me, Meet Ze Monsta, Working For The Man, The Dancer, Long Snake Moan, Sheela-Na-Gig, Dress, The Slow Drug, The Wind, Missed, Legs, Who The Fuck?, 50ft Queenie, Oh My Lover, The Sky Lit Up, You Come Through, No Child Of Mine, Pocket Knife, The River, Teclo, Rub 'til It Bleeds, It's You, My Beautiful Leah, Catherine, Snake, The Desperate Kingdom Of Love, Hook, The Garden, Victory, I Think I'm A Mother, Cat On The Wall, Man-Size, Yuri-G, The End, O Stella, Electric Light, Is This Desire?, Ecstasy, Dry, Water, Me-Jane, No Girl So Sweet, Joy, Hair, Seagulls, Joe, Man-Size Sextet, Fountain, Happy and Bleeding, Plants and Rags, Highway '61 Revisited, The Darker Days Of Me & Him, The Community Of Hope, The Wheel, This Wicked Tongue