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Mike Rosenberg mejor conocido como Passenger, es un cantautor Británico de Folk/Pop. Mike también fue el vocalista y creador de la desaparecida banda de Folk Rock, Passenger, con la cual solo lanzo un álbum. Cuando los miembros de la banda decidieron segur caminos distintos, Rosenberg opto por mantener el nombre de dicha banda para su proyecto como solista. Su primera presentación como solista se dio un Octubre del 2009 en Australia, siendo artista soporte para las presentaciones de Lior, Elana Stone y Brian Campeau. There are at least six artists and bands who have performed with the name "Passenger". The following order is loosely based on the statistics. 1. A Brighton (UK) based alternative folk band. 2. A Swedish alternative metal band including members of In Flames. 3. A San José, Costa Rica hardcore/screamo band. 4. A Mesa, Arizona based acoustic rock band. 5. A rap artist from Texas. 6. An old alias of DJ Tiësto. 7. A Chicago-based instrumental rock band.

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Passenger, Let Her Go, Things That Stop You Dreaming, All the Little Lights, The Wrong Direction, Holes, Circles, Staring at the Stars, Patient Love, Life's for the Living, Feather on the Clyde, Keep on Walking, Shape Of Love (feat. Boy & Bear), What You're Thinking (feat. Josh Pyke), Let Her Go - Acoustic, Heart's On Fire, Anywhere, Scare Away the Dark, Rolling Stone, Let Her Go (Acoustic), Coins In A Fountain, I Hate (Live from the Borderline, London), In Reverse, Golden Thread (feat. Matt Corby), Whispers, 27, I Hate - Live From The Borderline, London, The One You Love (feat. Kate Miller Heidke), Golden Leaves, Travelling Song (feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts), Month of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone), Patient Love - Acoustic, For You, Staring At the Stars - Acoustic, Heart's On Fire - Radio Edit, Bullets, Circles - Acoustic, Start A Fire, Riding to New York, Snowflakes, Keep On Walking - Acoustic, Thunder, Let Her Go - Live at Spotify Amsterdam, Patient Love (Acoustic), Rivers (feat. Lior), Circles (Acoustic), Bloodstains (feat. Katie Noonan), Fear of Fear, Staring at the Stars (Acoustic), Keep on Walking (Acoustic), The Girl Running (feat. Jess Chalker), All The Little Lights - Acoustic, All The Little Lights (Acoustic), Catch In the Dark, Feather On The Clyde (Acoustic), The Last Unicorn, Night Vision Binoculars, Holes - Radio Edit, Life's for the Living (Acoustic), Somebody's Love - Single Version, Young as the Morning Old as the Sea, Caravan, In My Head, Life's for the Living - Acoustic, Eyes Of My Mind, Wicked Man's Rest, Let Her Go (Kygo Remix), Feather On the Clyde - Acoustic, Flight of the Crow (feat. Josh Pyke, Lior, Katie Noonan, Boy & Bear and Jess Chalker), Somebody's Love, Just The Same, I Die Slowly, Carnival Diaries, Things You've Never Done, Circus, Rain, I'll Be Your Man, Beautiful Birds, Diamonds (feat. Simon R. Beckleman), Beneath Your Beautiful - Live at Spotify Amsterdam, Used, Do What You Like, When We Were Young, i see love, Fairytales & Firesides, House On a Hill, Everything, Golden Leaves - Acoustic, The Way That I Need You, Table For One, Facebook, Community Centre, If You Go, what will become of us, You're On My Mind, Travelling Alone, Walk In The Rain, Needle In The Dark, Two Tales