Biografía de este autor : Parachute es una banda indie de Charlottesville, Virginia. Los miembros fueron a la universidad y se graduaron en mayo de 2008 y desde entonces han realizado giras y la promoción de su álbum debut "Losing Sleep". La Revista FLY define a Parachute como una banda que transmite un sonido que sale del "alma" ,con un de pop adulto, estilo Maroon 5 -falsa-funk: una especia de Ricitos de oro en el de pop-rock, ni demasiado caliente ni demasiado frío". There is more than one band with this name: 1.) Parachute was founded as a project in 2000 in Germany, focussing on ambient, drone, experimental and space sounds, and processed music, their musical roots are resulting out of krautrock, ambient, minimal drones, and soundscapes like Thomas Köner and earlier electronic music like Morton Feldmann, Klaus Schulze, John Cage etc… Group members are c_drive and triPhaze. The official site of Parachute is at the privatelektro record label.

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Parachute, She Is Love, The Mess I Made, Kiss Me Slowly, Under Control, She (For Liz), All That I Am, Blame It On Me, Words Meet Heartbeats, Back Again, Ghost, Forever And Always, What I Know, The New Year, Something to Believe In, You and Me, White Dress, She Is Love (Full Band Version), Philadelphia, American Secrets, Can't Help, Halfway, Meant to Be, She Is Love (Acoustic), Hurricane, Crave, Drive You Home, Overnight, One Small Step, Didn't See It Coming, The Other Side, Disappear, without you, The Only One, Waiting for that Call, Strange World (Bonus Track), Higher, She Is Love - Full Band Version, She Is Love - Album Version (Acoustic), Stuck In The Middle, She Is Love (Full Band Version) - Bonus Track, Strange World [Bonus Track], She Is Love [Full Band Version], Winterlove, Be Here (Bonus Track), Jennie, Losing Sleep (Bonus Track), Hurricane (Acoustic), nighttrain, Be Here - Bonus Track, What Side of Love, All That I Am (Acoustic) [Bonus Track], She Is Love (Full Band Version) [Bonus Track], All That I Am (Acoustic) - Bonus Track, Nordic, Under Control (Live), Losing Sleep - Bonus Track, Be Here, Hearts Go Crazy - Single Mix, Strange World, New Orleans, broken walk, Takeshi, past future, Lonely with Me, Everything, Kiss Me Slowly (Lyrics), Love Me Anyway, When You Move, What Breaks My Heart, Losing Sleep, Getaway, Hearts Go Crazy, Waking Up, Past / Future, succeeding where the hippies failed, What Side Of Love - Acoustic Version, 3_5, What I Know (Haunted Hollow Session) [Bonus Track], What Child Is This, Be Here [Bonus Track], All That I Am (Acoustic), Losing Sleep [Bonus Track], 06, The Mess I Made (Bonus Track), She Is Love (Bonus Track), She Is Love - Parachute VA (Sp, She, Stuck In The Middle [Bonus Track], Kiss Me Slowly (w/ Lady Antebellum Intro), Haruyo Koi (Waiting For Spring), di stants, Di:stants, New Years, What I Know (Live) [Bonus Track], Akatonbo (Red Dragonfly), Yuyake Koyake (Sunset Glow), For Liz (She), She Is Love (Album Version)