Opiate For The Masses

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Opiate for the Masses is a post-hardcore band from Arizona. They formed in Phoenix in 1999 by Ron Underwood, Elias Mallin, Dustin Lyon and Jim Kaufman. The meaning of their name comes from the supposed Karl Marx quote that says the organized religion is nothing but an opiate for the masses. Opiate For The Masses was a Phoenix, Arizona-based quartet whose sound has a combination of influences including Tool, Depeche Mode, SOAD, Guns 'N Roses, KMFDM, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Ween. Twist and grind them all into a fresh, original package and you have Opiate For The Masses. Opiate For The Masses split up in 2009.

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Opiate For The Masses, Dead Underground, Heaven, Step Up, Up To Me, Burn You Down, Drown, Christmas Evel, 21st Century Time Bomb, Lie, Wandering Star, Black Book, Hold On, Manifesto, The Habit, Naked, Can't Feel, Clean, Now, Dig It Up, Washed Away, Nothing Left, The End, Intermission, Transparency, Introduction, An Interlude, Running From Yourself, The Carried, Another Day, Illusions, Minding my business, New Machines And The Wasted Life, Shadows, Goodbye, Interlude #2, half intelligent, Cookie Cutter, America, Godflower, Plastique, Cable, Up To Me (Chris Holmes Remix), Virus H, (Apornigraphiclunch), Neckties, Glimpse Of Truth, Interlude # 2, Impurity, New Machines, Not My Time To Bleed, Shake It Off, Introduction (Opiate For The Masses / The Spore), The Biggest Problem, Wached Away, Opiate For The Masses, Give It All, - Up To Me, Burn You Down (Album Version), - Can't Feel -, - Now -, - Clean -, - Step Up -, - Drown -, Christmas Evel-Opiate for the Masses, Heaven [Live], Bonus Track, - The End -, Dead Underground(Saw-III OST), Up To Me (Album Version), Up to Me [Chris Holmes Remix], Now (Album Version), Habit, End, Anybody Else, Opiate for the Masses - Dead Underground, Minding My Bussiness, Burn You Down (Radio Edit), Intermission (Album Version), Shake It Off (Bonus Track), Interlude, Opiate For The Masses - Virus H, Interluded#2, 08 Up to Me, Untitled, Runnig From Yourself, Heaven (Live), Burn You Down [Explicit], Christmas Eve, 1.FM - High Voltage, Dead Underground Opiate For The Masses, Heaven - Opiate For The Masses, Away, Clean Black Slate, Burn You Down (OFFICIAL VIDEO), New Machine, LIE Opiate for the Masses, Dead Underground (Album Version), Introduction [Jim Kaufman Publishing]