Nik Kershaw

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Aunque nació en Bristol, Kershaw creció en Ipswich. Después de salir de la escuela en 1976, Kershaw trabajó como asistente de ventas y en un Departamento de Empleos por varios años, durante los cuales tocó guitarra y cantó en varias bandas underground de Ipswich. Sin embargo, cuando la última de éstas, Fusion, se disolvió en 1982, se embarcó en una carrera de tiempo completo como letrista y cantante. En 1983, firmó un contrato con MCA Records, un acuerdo que derivó en su single debut "I won't let the sun go down on me". Nik Kershaw (born Nicholas David Kershaw, 1 March 1958, in Bristol) is an English singer-songwriter. A former jazz-funk guitarist, he was a 1980s teen idol; his 62 weeks on the UK Singles Chart in 1984-5 beat all other solo artists at the time. He appeared at Live Aid in 1985, and has penned a number of hits for other artists, including a UK number one single in 1991 for Chesney Hawkes, "The One and Only". Kershaw played guitar and sang in a number of underground bands from about 1976 before deciding on a career as a songwriter.

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Nik Kershaw, Wouldn't It Be Good, The Riddle, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Wide Boy, Don Quixote, Dancing Girls, Human Racing, When A Heart Beats, Shame On You, Nobody Knows, Bogart, One Step Ahead, City Of Angels, Wild Horses, Radio Musicola, You Might, One World, Roses, Know How, Save The Whale, Easy, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On, Drum Talk, Cloak and Dagger, Oh You Beautiful Thing, Wounded, Gone to Pieces, These Tears, The Sky's the Limit, Faces, Somebody Loves You, Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Can't Get Arrested, Yeah, Yeah, All About You, Lost, I Hope You're Happy Now, Running Scared, Born Yesterday, Monkey Business, Old House, She Could Be The One, Dark Glasses, The Riddle - Solo Acoustic, Fiction, What The Papers Say, Runaway, L.A.B.A.T.Y.D., Life Goes On, Have a Nice Life, James Cagney, You're the Best, You Don't Have To Be The Sun, Wouldn't It Be Good - Solo Acoustic, Billy, Violet To Blue, Shoot Me, Promises, Promises, She cries, Red Strand, Bad Day You're Having, Don't Let Me Out Of My Cage, So quiet, Wounded Knee, Enjoy the Ride, I Won't Let the Sun Go Down, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Solo Acoustic, Rock of Ages, Progress, I Wont Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Stuff, Find Me an Angel, What Do You Think of It So Far?, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended Mix), Walkabout, Take My Place, Don't Ask Me, Die Laughing, Your Brave Face, Dancing Girls - Single Version, The Bell, Made in Heaven, God Bless, Burning At Both Ends, Wouldn´t It Be Good, Stick Around, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Extended Mix, Wouldn't It Be Good (Extended 12'' Mix), 15 Minutes, Lady On The Phone, Get Up, Shine On, I Won`t let the sun go down on me, One of our fruit machines is missing, Wouldn't It Be Good (Solo Acoustic), Jane Doe, Loud, Confident & Wrong, How Sad