Night Riots

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Formerly known as PK - Established February 13th 2013 - San Luis Obispo, CA. Travis Hawley - Vocals Nick Fotinakes - Guitar Mikel Van Kranenburg - Bass Matt DePauw - Guitar Rico Rodriguez - Drums

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Night Riots, Contagious, Nothing Personal, Oh My Heart, BACK TO YOUR LOVE, Follow You, All For You, Fangs, Young Lore, Breaking Free, Holsters, REMEDY, Spiders, Break, Don't Kill The Messenger, Shine, MASKS, LOYAL BLOOD, End Of The World, Work It, Introduction - Ego Sum In Colubrum, Pull Me Down, Everything Will Be Alright, Tear Me Apart, Interlude I - Manus Loquimini Veritatem, Because The Night, As You Are, Interlude II - Ego Flos Sum Luna, Contagious - Orchestral Rendition, Contagious - Five Knives Remix, Break - New Beat Fund Remix, Contagious - Mazill Remix, Interlude I: Manus Loquimini Veritatem, Contagious (Orchestral Rendition), Introduction: Ego Sum In Colubrum, Contagious (Mazill Remix), Contagious (Five Knives Remix), Contagious (Single), Seawolves, Break (New Beat Fund Remix), 02 REMEDY, Interlude: Manus Loquimini Veritatem, Don’t Kill The Messenger, Interlude II: Ego Flos Sum Luna, Berelain, London, Some Nights, 1920, Chase the Sky, Wolves Of The East Coast, Evana Carina (Wildfire), Innocence, Something In The Mist Took John Lee, Contangious (Lorxy Lorxx Retelling), Roam, I Know, The Catch, 06 YOUNG LORE, Daughters Of Eve, Beware the Moors!, 02 REMEDY (Macbeth compilation 2013), 01 BACK TO YOUR LOVE, Alone with the Undead, Contagious (2014), Aimer a La Folie, Mask, RENEGADE, Oh My Heart (Acoustic), Contagious |from: Howl (EP) - 2015, The Remedy, Contagious - Night Riots, Blood Young Lore, 05 LOYAL BLOOD, Halloween (Siouxsie and the Banshees Cover), Not In Love, Halloween, Spiders Vignette, Contageous (Phantom Ride Remix), Howl - Contagious, Contagious "2014", Contagious (Sam Shepherd Remix), Fangs - 2016, Remedy (OST Любовь без обязательств), Oh, My Heart, Cold Hearted Girl (The Mosers Cover), Oh My Heart (Cheerleader Remix), Take Me Home Tonight, I Think I Need a New Heart, Break (Vignette), Some Nights (acoustic), London (Acoustic), Loyal, CLASSIC ROCK FM, Night Riots "Oh My Heart (Cheerleader Re, Introduction: Ego Sum In Colubrum, Contagious (acoustic), Oh_My_Heart, Contagious_Mix3_gain, Beware The Moors