Newton Faulkner

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Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner ( nacido el 11 de enero 1985) es un cantautor y músico inglés de Reigate , Surrey. En 2007 Faulkner debut con álbum "Hand Built by Robots" que fue certificado con doble platino en el Reino Unido. . Faulkner lanzó su segundo álbum de estudio , "Rebuilt by Humans" en 2009 . Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner (born January 11, 1985) is an English singer-songwriter and musician from Reigate, Surrey, UK. Known for his rhythmic guitar playing, Faulkner came to prominence in 2007, with the release of his debut studio album, Hand Built by Robots. The album was certified double platinum in the United Kingdom, and yielded the singles, Dream Catch Me, I Need Something and Teardrop. Following an accident, which resulted in his right wrist shattering

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Newton Faulkner, Dream Catch Me, Teardrop, I Need Something, Gone In The Morning, All I Got, To The Light, People Should Smile More, Intro, Lullaby, Uncomfortably Slow, Feels Like Home, Straight Towards The Sun, Ageing Superhero, UFO, Face (Her), If This Is It, Sitar-Y Thing, Clouds, Write It On Your Skin, Lipstick Jungle, Badman, I Took It Out On You, Let's Get Together, Resin On My Heart Strings, Been Thinking About It, Hello (Interlude), Full Fat, Won't Let Go, She's Got The Time, Over And Out, First Time, So Much, I'm Not Giving Up Yet, Foundations, This Town, Bricks - Acoustic Version, Intro (Interlude), Pulling Teeth, Brick by Brick, Cheltenham (Interlude), She's got Time, U.F.O., Feels Like Home - New Version, She's Got The Time 2 (Interlude), Longshot, Soon, She Got Time, Pick Up Your Broken Heart, Sitar-y Thing - Interlude, U.F.O. - New Version, In the Morning, Against the Grain, Dream Catch Me - Acoustic Version, Sugar in the Snow, Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh), She's Got The Time - Interlude, Teardrop - Single Version, She's Got The Time (Interlude), Face (Her) - Interlude, Feels Like Home (New Version), Intro - Interlude, Indecisive, Where to Start, I Need Something (Acoustic), Plastic Hearts, Losing Ground, Teardrop - Acoustic Version, Treading Water, Teardrop (Live), She's Got The Time 2 - Interlude, Get Free, U.F.O. (New Version), Waiting on You, Cheltenham - Interlude, Just Outside, At the Seams, Dream Catch Me (Acoustic Version), Write It On Your Skin - Acoustic Version, In My Head, I Need Something - Acoustic Version, Payphone - Live from BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, To The Light (Acoustic), Don't Make Me Go There, Pulling Teeth - Acoustic Version, U.F.O, Lay Down, Orange Skies, From The Bars, Sitar-y Track (Interlude), Innocent, Alone Again, Brick by Brick - Acoustic Version, UP UP AND AWAY, Against the Grain - Acoustic Version, Feel, All I Got (Everyone is You), Write It On Your Skin - Radio Edit, Keep Trying