New Politics

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Rockeros de Danish, Banda indie rock formada a finales de la década de 2000 con todo el talento del vocalista David Boyd, el guitarrista / vocalista / teclista Søren H, y el baterista Poul Amaliel. Una banda de alta energía, impulsados por mezcla de punk, pop, rock y electrónica, capturando los oídos (y ojos) de la RCA, quien contrató al grupo en 2009. Temiendo el anonimato en América, la banda se trasladó a Nueva York, o más específicamente, el centro de indie rock del universo, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. New Politics is an alternative-dance-rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark active since 2009. Current members: David Boyd, Søren Hansen, Louis Vecchio Past members: Poul Amaliel David and Soren had been writing songs together for over three years (for respective solo albums that have yet to see the light of day) when they realized that they had unintentionally started a band. The pair had experimented with every imaginable style of music (every imaginable style) and suddenly recognized that the combination of their musical sensibilities

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New Politics, Harlem, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens), Tonight You're Perfect, Dignity, Give Me Hope, Love Is A Drug, Stuck On You, Girl Crush, Nuclear War, My Love, Berlin, New Generation, Burn, We Are The Radio, Die For You, Fall Into These Arms, Goodbye Copenhagen, Die Together, West End Kids, Overcome, Just Like Me, 15 Dreams, 50 Feet Tall, Stardust, Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) - Live from 11th Street Records, Lovers In A Song, One of Us, Pretend We're In A Movie, Loyalties Among Thieves, Aristocrat, Strings Attached, Generator, Yeah Yeah Yeah [Explicit], Whatsername, Yeah Yeah Yeah (Live), Liberty, Yeah Yeah Yeah (OST Need For Speed Hot Pursuit), Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Keep Moving, Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Vampire Diares), Everywhere I Go, Generator (Bad Religion Cover), Territorial Pissings, Stress, Harlem - Live from 11th Street Records, West End Kids - Live from 11th Street Records, Girl Crush - Live from 11th Street Records, Tonight Youre Perfect, Yeah Yeah Yeah., Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens), Christmas Time, Monkey, Harlem (White Sea Remix), Harlem - Acoustic Mix, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Clean), money, Yeah Yeah Yeah (Indie rock/Pop-punk), Fall Into These Arms - Acoustic Mix, Tonight You're Perfect - Acoustic Mix, Yeah Yeah Yeah (NFS Hot Pursuit 2010), Harlem (Acoustic), Stuck On You - Acoustic Mix, New Politics - 15 Dreams, Harlem (NOW What's Next!), Everywhere I Go Kings And Queens, Whatsername (Green Day Cover), Tonight You're Perfect (Acoustic), Сhristmas time, New Politics - West End Kids, Harlem (Windows 8.1 Here), Burn [Explicit], Generator - Bad Religions (Cover) 2010, New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah, Harlem (Magic Man Remix), Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [Clean], Tonight You're Perfect (Stance Remix), We Are The Radio [Explicit], Tonight, You're Perfect, Yeah Yeah Yeah (OST NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010), remember me, Dignity (Acoustic), Yeah Yeah Yeah (OST - NFS HP), Youth (Foxes Cover), Poor Litle Rabbit, Harlem (Реклама Windows 8.1 Here), Love Is A Drug [Explicit], New Politics - Girl Crush, Nuclear War [Explicit], New Politics, Harlem [AUDIO], Yeah Yeah Yeah (Acoustic), Harlem (NHL14 OST), Harlem (2012), Give Me Hope (Acoustic), The rock (cover Papa Roach ), Yeah Yeah Yeah (ost NFS Hot Pursuit 2010), Harlem (Acoustic Mix)