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NehruvianDOOM is the namesake of the collaborative duo made up of veteran & legend MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru, an up and coming New York artist signed to Nas's label, Mass Appeal Records.

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NehruvianDOOM, OM, Mean The Most, Darkness (HBU), CASKETS, So Alone, COMING FOR YOU, Great Things, Intro, Disastrous, First Day Of Class, Darkness, They Say Bishy Bish, Self-Titled ALBUM REVIEW, Bishop nehru and MF doom (Full Album), Firt Day of Class, Bishop nehru and MF doom, OM [Rhymes & Punches], FIRST DAY OF CLASS (Intro), Disastrous (prod. by MADVILLAINZ), "Darkness", NehruvianDOOM, NehruvianDOOM - Darkness, NehruvianDOOM - OM, Caskets (2014), GTREAT THINGS, “Darkness (HBU)”, Intro (First Day of Class), 02. Om, Great Things (MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru), Darkness HBU, 03 Mean The Most, 01. First Day of Class, Disasterous, Lemon Grass, Darkness [Rhymes & Punches], Fickle Minds, elder blossoms, They Say Bishy Bish [Bonus Track], Darkness [HBU], 03. Mean The Most, Intro - NehruvianDOOM - NehruvianDOOM, Bonus Track, Disatrous, Languages, DARKNESS (HBU)), NehruvianDOOM - Darkness (HBU), NEHRUVIANDOOM (SOUND OF THE SON), Isolated, Darkness (HMU), Om (redo), Y.E.T., Darkness【HBU】, Mean Most, 02 OM, Her Ballad, Disastrous【co-prod. Madlib】, They Say Bishy Bish【Bonus Track】, Om!, 08 GREAT THINGS, "Om", 07 CASKETS, 09 DISASTROUS, “Om”, SweetLips, Disastarous, 05 DARKNESS (HBu), 06 COMING FOR YOU, darnkess (HBU), They Say Bishy Bish - Bonus, 04 SO ALONE, S.S.S (Split Society Syndrome), S.S.S. (Split Society), Mobb Dizzle, Disastrous [prod. by Madvillainz], justDOOM, Caksets, 05 - Darkness (HBU), Darkness (HBU) - NehruvianDOOM - NehruvianDOOM, 04. So Alone, Bishop Nehru & MF Doom - Disastrous, 05. Darkness (HBU), 07. Caskets, 08. Great Things, NehruvianDoom - Intro, Omॐ, Introvertz, 06. Coming For You, 01 FIRST DAY OF CLASS, Intro - First Day Of Class, 09. Disastrous, Disastrous (prod. Madlib & MF Doom), ''Darkness'', OM (Bishop Nehru & MF Doom, Darkness (HBU) [HQ], They Say Bishy Bish [iTunes Bonus Track], Green Calx, Om (Mix), Disastrous_(prod._by_MADVILLAINZ)