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For every Swedish hopeful to emerge amid the age of global hysteria towards Electronic music, few can boast of the heights attained by fast rising duo Nause. Both in their early twenties and united by the same vision and passion for House music that consumed their teenage years, their inauguration to Universal music and the global Dance scene alike has marked a journey of intensely focused talent and considerable enthusiasm for all-embracing music.

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Nause, Hungry Hearts - Radio Edit, Dynamite (feat. Pretty Sister), Made Of - Radio Edit, Mellow - Radio Edit, The World I Know, This Is The Song - Radio Edit, Tomorrow's Just Begun - Radio Edit, Move - Radio Edit, Head Over Heels - Radio Edit, Made Of - Original Mix, Hungry Hearts, Hungry Hearts - Original Mix, Made of, Mellow - Original, Made Of - Chuckie Remix, Mellow, Another You - Radio Edit, Made Of - John Dahlbäck Remix, This Is The Song - Original, Made Of (Chuckie Remix), Made Of (Original Mix), Tomorrow´s Just Begun - Radio Edit, Head Over Heels - Tim Mason Remix - Radio Edit, Made Of (John Dahlbäck Remix), Gust - Kenn Colt Remix, Move - Original Mix, Another You - Sonny Alven Remix, Another You - Sonny Alven Remix / Radio Edit, Head Over Heels - Extended, Hungry Hearts (Radio Edit), Made Of (Radio Edit), Mellow (Original Mix), This Is the Song, Another You - Daniel Gidlund Acoustic Version, Dynamite, Gust - Original Mix, Another You - Acoustic Version, Made Of - Chuckie Dub Remix, Hungry Hearts (Original Mix), This Is The Song - Original Dub, Once Again - Original Mix, Made Of - Instrumental, The World I Know - Samuraii Remix, New City - Positiv Remix, Ramba - Original Mix, Mellow (Hungry Hearts radio edit), Hungry Hearts - Jakob Liedholms Feeded Hearts Remix, New City - Original Mix, Another You (Sonny Alven Remix), Move - Instrumental, The World I Know - UZ & Stranger Remix, Once Again - TheElement Remix, The World I Know - Jerome Price Remix, Head Over Heels - Franskild Remix, Head Over Heels - Tim Mason Remix - Extended, Head Over Heels, Follow the Light, Another You - Extended Version, This Is The Song (Original mix), Another You, The World I Know (Jerome Price Remix), Mellow (Radio Edit), Tomorrow's Just Begun, This Is The Song (Radio Edit), Hungry Hearts (Jakob Liedholm's Feeded Hearts Remix), Mellow - Original Mix, Hungry Hearts - Jacob Plant ’Trapstep’ Remix, Move, Made Of (Original Mix) [], Head Over Heels - Instrumental, This Is The Song (Original Dub), Hungry Hearts (Jakob Liedholm's Feeded Hearts Radio Edit), Another You (Radio Edit), Once Again, New City, This Is The Song (Original), Another You (Daniel Gidlund Acoustic Version), Hungry Hearts (Addiso Remix), Head Over Heels (Radio Edit), Hungry Hearts (Jakob Liedholms Remix Radio Edit), Hungry Hearts - Ken Loi Remix, Hungry Hearts (Chris Barnhart Remix), Gust, Ramba, Tomorrow's Just Begun (Radio Edit), The World I Know (Uz & Stranger Remix), Hungry Hearts (Original Vocal Mix), Move (James Carter Remix), Made Of (Instrumental), Minilodon, Hungry Hearts (Official Video), This Is The Song (Original Radio Edit), The World I Know (Samuraii Remix), Head Over Heels (Extended), Made Of (Chuckie Remix) [], Made Of (Chuckie Dub Remix), Hungry Hearts (Jakob Liedholm Remix), Move (Radio Edit)