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Nao es una cantautora Británica de Londres. Su sonido ha sido descrito como neo soul combinado con música electronica y alternativa R&B. There are multiple artists with the name Nao: 1) British indie electro-soul artist Nao, who released an EP titled So Good in 2014 and an album titled For All We Know on July 29, 2016. 2) Japanese pop artist nao, former vocalist of fripSide and the fripSide NAO project! 3) Japanese R&B artist Nao, who released Go Slow. 4) Spanish rap metal group Nao 5) French indie electronic rock group NÄO 6) Malaysian-Chinese indie punk group Nao 7) Canadian coffeehouse-grunge artist Nao

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Nao, Bad Blood, Inhale Exhale, Fool to Love, Girlfriend, Apple Cherry, Get to Know Ya, Zillionaire, So Good, Adore You, It's You, In the morning, HAPPY, Intro (Like Velvet), Golden, Good Girl, DYWM, We Don't Give A, Give Me a Little, Trophy, Blue Wine, Voice Memo 4 (Say Yes), Take Control of You, Feels Like (Perfume), Dimension tripper!!!!, Interlude, Get to Know Ya - KAYTRANADA FLIP, Dimension tripper!!!! (PV Ver.), Adore You (Feat. Abhi Dijon), Inhale Exhale - '15, Trophy (feat. A.K. Paul), きりひらけ!グレイシー☆スター, In the Morning - Mura Masa Edit, きりひらけ!ロープレ☆スターガール, タイヨウパラダイス, So Good (feat. A.K. Paul), Blue-Love Chime, Bad Blood - SBTRKT Remix, 木漏れ日フレネル, So Good - Nao vs. A.K. Paul, ミラクル!ぽーたぶる☆ミッション, scarlet leap, とある小国のお姫様が..., Songs Compilation, melody, Feels Like, DYWM - Sam Gellaitry Remix, piece of azure, ひまわりの咲く頃に, Lunatic delusion, シンクロしようよ, Get To Know You (Kaytranada Flip), 木漏れ日フレネル (Short Ver.), sincerely, Feels Like - LOXE Remix, 流星のビヴロスト, 永遠なる絆と想いのキセキ, Inhale Exhale ('15), フラグ立てようよ, 相対性VISION, Everything, Get to Know Ya (KAYTRANADA FLIP), 君へのトビキリ☆応援歌。, Hard beat×Break beat, from universe, Bad Blood (SBTRKT Remix), Synchro Shiyou yo (Short Ver.), entrance to you, Voice Memo 161, ぱすてるチャイム, Voice Memo 162, Tsukumonotsuki, prIsmatic Infinity Carat., 群青のティファレス, colorless fate -ver. Luna 2011-, Deep Blue Tiferet, entrance to you (Stage Ver.), アンセム Short Version, Hieno, 夢ひとえ, Ever stay snow, ふぁ~すと∞いんぷれっしょん, BACK PORCH, Endless Field, Mars, Glad, phantasia ballad, Rave:tech(^_^)New;world, ゆうかげ, blade heart, Trophy (feat. A. K. Paul), In the Morning (Mura Masa Edit), ツクモノツキ, 常識!バトラー行進曲, Pastel Chime (Short Ver.), 同じ空の下で, 極上HEAVEN, So Good (feat. A. K. Paul), phantasia ballad (Short Ver.)