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MuteMath es una banda de rock alternativo nominada a los premios Grammy y originaria de Nueva Orléans, Estados Unidos, cuyo nombre se traduce directamente al castellano como Matemáticas mudas ó Matemática Muda. Es difícil catalogar a Mute Math en un sólo género, pues sus integrantes son considerados por sus fans y crítica especializada como músicos virtuosos y versátiles, siempre buscando una experimentación de sonido constante con cualquier instrumento Mutemath is an alternative rock band which formed in New Orleans, LA, United States in 2003. They consist of Paul Meany (vocals, Rhodes, keytar, keyboards, samples), Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, percussion), Darren King (drums, samples), and Todd Gummerman (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals). Since Mutemath released its first EP in late 2004 and hit the road in 2005, their musical style has transformed over the years. By the time of their 2006 self-titled debut

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Mutemath, Typical, Chaos, Spotlight (Twilight Mix), You Are Mine, Noticed, Blood Pressure, Spotlight, Collapse, After We Have Left Our Homes, Transformers Theme, Obsolete, Stare At The Sun, Control, Reset, Plan B, Break the Same, Picture, Stall Out, Odd Soul, Typical (Album Version), Prytania, Backfire, Allies, Clipping, Electrify, The Nerve, Goodbye, Pins and Needles, No Response, Armistice, Without It, Odds, Polite, All or Nothing, Lost Year, Burden, Cavalries, Walking Paranoia, Tell Your Heart Heads Up, Peculiar People, One More, Equals, In No Time, Used To, Spotlight [Twilight Mix], Quarantine, Sun Ray, Monument, OK, Changes, Progress, Afterward, Valium, Light Up, Clockwork, Joy Rides, Clockwork (Bonus Track), Stratosphere, Earlylight, All I See, Remain, Heads Up, Valium (Bonus Track), Vitals, Collapse (Album Version), Amendment - Bonus Track, Cold Sparks - Bonus Track, Composed, Sunray, Sun Ray Part 2 - Bonus Track, Chaos (Album Version), After We Have Left Our Homes (Album Version), Best Of Intentions, Bulletproof, Noticed (Album Version), Spotlight - Son Lux Remix, Armistice (2nd Line Version) (Bonus Track), Control (Album Version), You Are Mine (Album Version), In No Time Pierce Fulton Remix, Spotlight (Son Lux Remix), Plan B [Live], Safe If We Don’t Look Down, Typical - Live, Stare At The Sun (Album Version), Armistice (2nd Line Version) feat. Rebirth Brass Band, Collapse [Live], Spotlight [Son Lux Remix], You Are Mine (live), Plan B (Album Version), Control (Live), Picture (Album Version), Reset (Album Version), Control - Live, Intro - Live In DC, Obsolete (Album Version), Architecture, Stall Out (Album Version)