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Taalib Johnson, más conocido por Musiq Soulchild, nació el 16 de Septiembre de 1977 en Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Su estilo incluye el R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz y Hip Hop. Se considera a sí mismo un "artista de soul porque este tiene algo de todos los géneros musicales", y le gusta hacer música "que le diga algo a la gente, más allá de categorías y etiquetas, sólo hago música y nada más". Musiq es el mayor de 9 hermanos. Siempre se consideró la "oveja negra" de su familia, porque hacía lo que él quería. Musiq Soulchild (born Taalib Johnson on September 16, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is an American, neo soul and R&B artist, and was one of the most popular artists on the Def Jam/Def Soul label. Since 2001, he has gone by simply "Musiq", he dropped the "Soulchild" from his moniker, because he said he had not mastered his craft yet, and thus was not yet "music's soulchild". Since 2007's "Luvanmusiq," however, he has reclaimed the surname. Besides being a successful recording artist

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Musiq, Just Friends (Sunny), Teach Me, Love, Forthenight, Whoknows, Dontchange, Womanopoly, Missyou, Infatueighties, Thereason, So Beautiful, Halfcrazy, Millionaire, Betterman, Mary Go Round, Lullaby, today, Whereareyougoing, b.u.d.d.y., Makeyouhappy, Momentinlife, Girl Next Door, Buddy, Youloveme, You And Me, Ms. Philadelphia, greatestlove, Ridiculous, Previouscats, Newness, takeyouthere, thequestions, Ah Yeah - feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele, 143, Babymother, Babygirl, Scratch Introlude, Time, Romancipation, Soulstar, Speechless, Yes, Seventeen, Something, My Girl, Future, Just Friends, until, Onenight, Realove, Stoplayin, I Do, L' Is Gone, Radio, interlude, Poparatzi, O Holy Night, Solong, IfUleave [feat. Mary J. Blige], Bestfriend, Special, Halfcrazy - Album Version (Edited), Someone, Ah Yeah (feat. Musiq Soulchild and Chrisette Michele), Deserveumore, Back Again, Religious, You Be Alright, Moneyright, Dontstop, Just Friends (Sunny) - Album Version (Edited), Visions, Single, Dearjohn, Loveofmylife, Motherfather, Settle For My Love, Love - Album Version (Edited), lovecontract, Reasons, Intermission: Juslisen, Medicine, Buddy (Radio), IfULeave (feat. Mary J. Blige), Caughtup, Dowehaveto, Waiting Still, befriends, backtowhere, Sayido, Don't Change, Dontchange - Album Version (Edited), Anything - feat. Swizz Beatz, Like The Sun, If U Leave, Mary Go Round - Album Version (Edited), Musiq Soulchild (Interlude), b.u.d.d.y. (remix feat. Ja Rule & Fat Joe)