Música Sexy

. Songs tagged as 'sexy' are often songs by artists the tagger finds good-looking, or by artists who often dress in revealing clothes or sexualised outfits whether they are men or women. A song may also be tagged as 'sexy' because it has a sexy feel to it. Tracks with 'sexy' may be tracks that make the tagger feel sexually aroused. .

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Musica Sexy, Bruninho & Davi, Stoja, Will Dragen, Sure Sure, Jessie James Decker, The X-Files, Ménage à Trois, The Hash, Leisure Suite, EC Twins, Bressie, Goga Sekulic, Victoria Silvstedt, Dan Talevski, Mayra Veronica, Andrés de León, Katie Price, Kosta Rodriguez Feat. Amy, 跡部景吾, SPAmbient, Ларин, Etienne, Frozen Tide, Oliver~, Cameron Diaz, Dee Joy, Elvira, baeza, Stori, Lipstick Gypsy, Nakion, Tom Zacharias, Pizetta Feat. Reagadelica, Christian Weiland, University Of Glasgow Madrigirls, Funk Leblanc, 2 Гига Любви, Alicia Witt, Shalya, Sílvia Machete, Sorry for Partying, Cindy Gomez, Steve Robinson and The Foundation, Das, Big Sean feat. Mike Posner & Clinton Sparks, The Fivepenny Piece, Richard Brancatisano, Katie Holmes, The Dazzlings, Dean Martin & Martina McBride, Hitz, Crushed On You, The Silk Road Ensemble & Yo-Yo Ma, Anna Faris, 70's Porn music, Mitch Hewer, Стефани, Soema Montenegro, Gosteffects, DJ Boom Boom, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer, Kelli, Bibi Gaytán, Kirsty Almeida, Birdwing, Tik Tok, Axelle Parker, Topanga, Jennifer Beals, Super Nintendo, Rapheal Boyd, Jill King, Шары, The Yetis, Nintendo 64, John Lindberg Rockabilly Trio, Nicola Congiu, Dani J, Sean Mccabe, Glenn Dale, Straight Up!, Fatboy Slim & Wind & Fire Earth, Westlife ft. Delta Goodrem, The Sarah Silverman Program, Erika David, Alex Bowen, Sly Tha Deuce, David Ison, Replique feat. Shirin, Richard Leo Johnson, Melissa Jimenez, みうらじゅん, Mister Chase, Destiny's Child Vs. Nirvana, Cheu-B, Sabbo, Leus, Jay Serrao And The Juice, Dirty Fan Male