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El rock psicodélico es un estilo de rock que intenta evocar la experiencia psicodélica usualmente asociada con el uso de sustancias psicoactivas como la marihuana, la mescalina o el LSD. Dentro de la historia del rock, el rock psicodélico es un puente desde el blues-rock hacia el rock progresivo y el heavy metal, así como también las fusiones del rock con géneros como el jazz o la música tradicional de varias zonas del mundo, especialmente la música de la India. . Psychedelic rock is a subgenre of rock that emerged in the '60s. It is influenced by the psychedelic culture of the time, and psychedelic (psychotropic) drugs, such as LSD and shrooms. The musical style often incorporates flowing, hypnotic rhythms. Typical instruments associated with the genre include electric guitar, which is often augmented with effects pedals; various types of organs, which include Hammonds and Farfisas; bass guitar, and drums. Vocals in psychedelic rock music are also sometimes augmented with effects. .

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