Mura Masa

Biografía de este autor :

Alex Crossan (aka Mura Masa), an 18-year-old UK-based beat-slayer heart-breaker, showcases his minimalist, yet effective approach to UK trap music by combining the energy of electronic production and club culture with the rustic and organic sounds and timbres of traditional sample beatmaking. He manages to create soundscapes that are fresh and unique. His moniker is inspired by the Japanese legend of the sword smith, Mura Masa. You can listen to his tracks on his official soundcloud page,

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Etiquetas :

Mura Masa, Firefly, Love$ick, What If I Go?, Lovesick, Love For That, Are U There?, Lotus Eater, 1 Night, Miss You, Firefly (feat. Nao), When U Need Me, Lovesick Fuck, Low, ...Girl, Suicide Blades, Terrible Love, Know Me Better, ¥ (money), Shibuya, Intro?, I've Never Felt So Good, Bae, An Interlude, Hell, Your Bones - Intermission, U, Cloud Claps, Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky), Love$ick - Four Tet Remix, your bones (intermission), Terrible Love (feat. Denai Moore), Low (feat. Jay Prince), Love For That (feat. Shura), All Around The World (feat. Desiigner), i'll be alright (tonight), 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX), What If I Go? - Single Version, 6. Lovesick Fuck, Firefly - Single Version, Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky, Tough On You, All Around the World, Love$ick - Mumdance Remix, Lotus Eater (Tonton Remix), Know Me Better (feat. Bonzai), Hustleblood, Day 23: Have Faith In Me, Love$ick (Four Tet Remix), Firefly (ft. Nao), Love for That (ft. Shura), Love For That feat. Shura, day 82, ill be alright (tonight), What If I Go, Firefly (feat Nao), Your Bones, Terrible Love (feat Denai Moore), Low (feat Jay Prince), Midas Touch, 2. Firefly (feat. Nao), Girl, 1. Are U There, Love For That (DRKTMS Remix & Cover) feat. Akacia, .. Girl, Are U There, gucci gucci (mura masa edit), Are U (That Somebody), Low (ft. Jay Prince), 2. Firefly (ft. Nao), Miss You (Taken from "Summer In Jakarta" Free DLL in description), Love$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky), U & Me, tell me, Lovesick F**k, day 1, Intro, Love$ick (feat. A$AP Rocky) [Four Tet Remix], Love$ick (feat A$ap Rocky), æ (Money), 3. Terrible Love (ft. Denai Moore), Cruel, Day 23 Have Faith In Me, 7. When U Need Me, Bones (valentine), Terrible Love (ft. Denai Moore), Birdcage Chain, Think of Me, Love$ick - Zomby Remix, 4. your bones (intermission), Firefly (Ramzoid Remix), 5. Low (ft. Jay Prince), The Way I Want You, What If I Go? (feat. Bonzai), seth, lotus eater (swindail remix), Firefly ft. Nao, Someday Somewhere (Full EP), Your Bones (Intermission) - Intermission