Mini Mansions

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Mini Mansions is a trio from Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of Zach Dawes (bass, keys, vocals, etc.), Tyler Parkford (vocals, keys, guitar, etc.) and Michael Shuman (vocals, guitar, drums, etc.). LP Mini Mansions (2010) The Great Pretenders (23 March 2015) Singles "Heart of Glass" (2009) "Kiddie Hypnogogia" (2010) "Wünderbars" (2010) "Death Is a Girl" (2014) "Any Emotions" (2015) "Freakout!" (2015) "Vertigo" (2015)

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Mini Mansions, Vertigo, Death Is A Girl, Any Emotions, Freakout!, Monk, Creeps, Fantasy, Majik Marker, The Room Outside, Double Visions, Mirror Mountain, Crime Of The Season, Heart Of Stone, Seven Sons, Vignette #1, Honey, I’m Home, Kiddie Hypnogogia, The End, Again, Heart of Glass, Vignette #2, Girls, Vignette #3, Thriller Escapade, Geronimo, Gun Team, Vertigo (feat. Alex Turner), Wünderbars, Pacers, Sherlock Holmes, Katching Kites, The Great Escape, Dirty T.K.O., Wunderbars, Laura, I Love You All the Time (Play It Forward Campaign), Honey, I'm Home, Cheap Leather, Ordinary Man, Vertigo ft. Alex Turner, Wünderbars, Heart of Glass (Blondie cover), Any Emotions (feat. Brian Wilson), Dirty TKO, Any Emotions ft. Brian Wilson, The Deep End, Little Al Capone, In You End Oh's, Groddit, Untitled, Drive, Vertigo ft. Alex Turner, Freakout, Bored to Death, Fiona, Ticket for One, Ticket for Two, Shape Recorder, Valet, Shadow, Vertigo (ft. Alex Turner), Vertigo (featuring Alex Turner), Cheap Leather (feat. Fred Schneider), Vertigo (feat. Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys), Vertigo feat. Alex Turner, Vertigo (Audio) ft. Alex Turner, Sherlock Holmes (1 Mic 1 Take), Vertigo (ft Alex Turner), Vertigo feat. Alex Turner - (Arctic Monkeys) - Album de la Semaine, Cheap Leather ft. Fred Schneider, Vertigo (live at Comerica Theatre 2014), Any Emotions (with Brian Wilson), Vertigo (live at The Lexington 2015), Sherlock Holmes (Sparks cover), Any Emotions [feat. Brian Wilson], I Love You All the Time (Eagles of Death Metal cover), #########, I Love You All the Time, Vertigo [feat. Alex Turner], Vertigo feat Alex Turner (live @ the lexing, Cheap Leather (ft. Fred Schneider), Feds, Vertigo {Ft. Alex Turner}, Fiona // The HoC Palm Springs 2013, Vignette, Any Emotions (ft. Brian Wilson) [IJsbreker], Any Emotions (ft. Brian Wilson), Any Emotions ft. Brian Wilson, In You End Oh's (Bonus Track), Vertigo (Preview), Double Visions [Explicit], The Deep End (Bonus Track), Vertigo (with Alex Turner), Death Is A Girl (Audio), Any Emotions feat. Brian Wilson, Mini Mansions - Death Is a Girl, Freakout !, Dirty T.K.O, Vertigo (feat alex turner)