Miami Sound Machine

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Gloria Estefan es una cantante, compositora y actriz cubana (La Habana, 1 de septiembre de 1957). Gloria Estefan ha vendido hasta la fecha alrededor de 90 millones de discos a nivel mundial[cita requerida]. Es la cantante que más discos ha vendido de todo Latinoamérica y una de las 20 que más ha vendido en la historia de la música mundial[cita requerida]. Conocida comúnmente como la Madre del pop Latino o también como la Madonna latina por ser la cantante latina que ha puesto de moda el género pop latino universalmente. One of the most successful Latin crossover acts of the '80s, Miami Sound Machine was formed in 1975 as the Miami Latin Boys, by keyboardist Emile Estefan, Jr. Performing at a wedding shortly afterwards, the group was joined by guest vocalists Gloria Fajado and her cousin, Merci Navarro Murciano. The two singers impressed the band so much that they were invited to become members, and with their acceptance, the band was renamed Miami Sound Machine. After recording four all-Spanish albums released by CBS Discos

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Miami Sound Machine, Dr. Beat, Hot Summer Nights, Conga, Bad Boy, Words Get In The Way, Falling In Love (Uh-Oh), Dr Beat, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You, Bad Boys, Conga - Single Version, Anything For You, Prisoner Of Love, Body To Body, Can't Stay Away From You, Primitive Love, Conga (Single Version), Ok, Bad Boy - Single Version, DR.BEAT, Mucho Money, All Because of You, I Need A Man, You Made A Fool Of Me, Movies, Surrender Paradise, Love Me, Orange Express, Eyes Of Innocence, Doctor Pressure, Do You Want To Dance, When Someone Comes Into Your Life, I Need Your Love, Conga (Dance Mix), Suave, Dr. Beat (Long Version), Doctor Beat, 1-2-3, Conga (12" version), Dr. Beat - Long Version, Hot Summer Nights (Album Version), Rhythm of the Night, Falling in love, Dr Beat (12'' version), Dr. Beat (Album Version), Dr Beat (12" version), Sobe Son, Betcha Say That, Dr. Pressure, Conga!, La Conga, Get On Your Feet, Bad Boy (Single Version), Conga (extended mix), Don't Wanna Lose You, Alguien Que Te Quiera, Bad Boy (Dance Mix), Conga (PREPMODE'S BMORE RUB), Bad Boy (remix), Surrender, Turn the Beat Around, Conga [Single Version], Primitive Love (12" Version), Give It Up, Dr.Beat (long version), Paso a paso, Dr Beat (Long Version), Body To Body (Dance Mix), Conga (Dance Remix), Bad Boy (Album Version), Conga - Album Version Clean Version, Bad Boy - Shep Pettibone 7" Remix, Jambala, Anything For You (Album Version), miami sound machine - hot summer nights, HOT SUMMER NIGHT, Conga (12'' Mix), Conga (album version), Words Get In The Way (Album Version), Let It Loose, Dr. beat (12" Version), Rhythm Is Gonna Get You - Special 12" Dance Mix, You Make a Fool of Me, Love Toy, Dr. Beat (12'' Version), Bay Boy, Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Album Version), Dr Beat (12 Mix), Conga(Ben Liebrand Minimix), Dr. Beat (12inch), Sobe son (spanish version), Bad Boys (Dub Mix), I Want You So Bad, Here We Are, Bad Boy (Dub Version), 1, 2, 3, Congo, Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Album Version), I'm The Only One